Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden Update June 29

The garden is in bloom.  Everyday I'm finding new treasures coming up.  It is truly amazing how much this woman planted.  I'm sure I've pulled many lovely things that I thought were weeds.  But, you would never know by how much is growing now.  We've just had 2 days of heavy rainfall.  Cael and I were going stir crazy so we headed out into the garden when it looked dry enough.  It was very cloudy so the photos could be better. 

Here is an overview of the yard coming down from the deck.  I don't think I've taken pictures from this angle.  The vegetable beds are to the right behind the tree in the photos.
Here you can see the many mint bushes, Oregon Grape bush, Juneberry Bush, and many other things everywhere.
Here you can kinda see the veggie garden beds to the right with tons more folliage everywhere.
The veggie patches.  There are currently 4. I just added in the one on the far right with the teepee style branch trellis made with willow branches from the bushes that we massively trimmed up.  I've just planted sugar snap peas in there.  Also I planted some beets and cauliflower in front.

Here you can see the spaghetti squash (left corner) the yard long beans and green beans in the bed and the zucchini in the left. They are all coming up, but not fast.  I think these need more sun.  Which we are now thankfully getting.
 The rock area with lots coming up.  My Calla Lillies are doing great!  Bonus picture of my sweet boy!
 The lettuce area.  It's doing great as is the Kale.  I also planted some spinach mustard behind the lettuce and it's already up after just 4 days.
Finally some flower and bushes.  I know the bottom left is Yarrow.  But, I have no idea what the other 3 are.  Do you?

I'm loving this garden.  So many surprises.  I've found more mint (I think it's spearmint) and cilantro growing in a weird place and lots of beautiful daisys.

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