Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just Catching Up

Summer is in full swing here in our house.  July and August are always crazy months around here.  The garden is doing awesome.  We are eating fresh veggies out of it every day.  I'll do a post on that another time.  The kids have been busy visiting family and hanging out with friends.  Alaina started marching band at the high school. (it still boggles my mind that she's starting high school....) So, she's gone Monday through Friday during the days until school starts.  Rachel has been reading like crazy and crafting.  Cael has been bug hunting and playing with the neighbors. Liam has been crawling, babbling, and just generally being very very curious.  And, he has his first tooth!  Curtis just started a new job. Yeah!  And, me... well.... I've been just trying to keep up with everyone else.  I've been canning summer goods, running kids around, holding a teething baby, looking for bugs, doing house chores and knitting every chance I get.

That's what I really want to post about today.  The knitting!!! I've finished more socks and some other goodies.  I'm knitting dish clothes and matching dishtowels for Christmas gifts.  I finished a pair of socks, two bandana cowls, a fat robin and nest toy, three star child mini dolls, and started some more things.
 Bandana Cowl For Aunt Megan.
 Bandana Cowl For Aunt Shannon.
 Bellatrix Socks
 I Beleaf Socks (I call them Falling Leaves Socks)
 Fat Robin And Nest
Some of the dishcloths.

I have to take photos of everything else still.  More to come soon!

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