Friday, June 13, 2014

Out From The Bowels Of The Storage Room

I wonder if they all took a great big gulp of fresh air when I opened up their boxes last night.  I know I did.  I can't believe I've gone so long without working with these dolls of mine.  I miss sewing and knitting for them.  I miss the community that I was a part of when I sold clothing for them. 

I've decided to start making and selling clothing again when I have time.  I went through my bin of unsold clothing.  I found some new things that I had made prior to moving that I never got the chance to put up for sale.  I also found a lot of funky very old stuff that I either never posted for sale or just never sold for one reason or another.  Those items I'll be placing in lots at super cheap prices.  If your at all interested they will be in my Etsy store or on Den of Angels. 

Here are some pics of some of my crew.  Lousy pictures.  I did them last night with an overhead kitchen light and flash.  My good lights are still somewhere in storage.

I made room in my desk for my favorite dolls and their clothes, shoes and wigs.  And, I've pulled out my patterns.  I can't wait to pick something easy to sew up.  Maybe a simple dress?  My girl doesn't have a one of her own.  For Shame!!!
 Latidoll Rucus - Lucas.  He's wearing a prototype for a jacket that I'm working on.
 Dollzone BB - Persephone - She is wearing some overalls that I made before we moved.  She is sooo cute!
 Dolfie Dream V1 Body / Luts Nanuri head - Vena - She is wearing a prototype wool jacket.  She was my first doll.  She's changed so much over the years.   I splurged a few years ago and got her a lovely faceup.  You couldn't tell by this pic though.  I'll be taking more of her later!
 And, lastly my sweet Narae - Inara - She is wearing a Tonner knit dress in the first picture and in the rest she is wearing a shawl I knit for her.  It's the Far Away So Close pattern.  I love love love that pattern.  This was my 4th one.  I knit it exactly as written using thin fingering yarn and size 1 needles.  Unfortunately my Inara needs a new faceup. This one is getting worn after all these years.  She is from 2007 and I think her faceup is from then too. She is still my favorite all time BJD.  I'm so glad that Bimgon is now selling his work again.  Hopefully sometime in the future I can get another girl from him.

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