Saturday, June 14, 2014

Garden Update June 14, 2014... Late!!!

*Note... This post was supposed to be posted on June 14.  But, blogger didn't post it for some reason.  So, here it is.  Late, but necessary as it shows the garden a few weeks before my last posting.  I think these photos were taken around the 10th of June.

I don't even know where to begin with this garden.  This house was empty for 18+ months before we moved in.  Many of our neighbors have described the women living here as the "Crazy Plant Lady".  I guess every weekend she would drive up with her car filled to the brim with plants.  I could have guessed that by looking at this yard.  It was a jungle when we moved in.  But it was October so we decided to wait until spring to get going on it.  (not to mention I was due in just a few weeks!)  When April rolled around and it thawed out enough for me not to freeze, I got to work.  I pruned, hacked, and ripped up weeds.  And, the hubby and I hauled rocks... lots and lots of rocks.  They seemed to have stood on the upper deck and just throw rocks all over the garden as art.

Little bit by little bit the garden is emerging.  She was actually smart with what she planted, but not so much with where she planted them.  It's all edibles and butterfly and birds stuff.  luckily I've found about 50 plant tags scattered around.  So I've had a place to start.  As you all should know by now... I have a black thumb. I've been trying though.  And, really, if I can't become a good gardener here, I won't be able to anywhere.  The soil here is sandy loam. It's beautiful and rich.

I cleared out space for a slightly raised veggie bed.

Here are just some pics from around the garden.  There will be lots of updates over the next few months.

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