Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's A Boy!!!!!!

We found out on Tuesday that we are expecting a little boy. We are all thrilled and the girls are so excited to have a little brother. No name yet... we're still working on that one. Congratz to those of you who voted for a boy.

I Dusted Off The Ole' Kiwi

It's been since before Christmas that I spun anything. I finally dusted off (literally) my kiwi and went spinnin'. I've finished 4 spools of yarn. I got in some really really pretty rovings so I'm excited to do more in the next few weeks.

Up first are my favorites. These are superwash wool. I spun these to be singles. 4 oz. total. I'm not sure the yardage yet. I'm letting them rest on the bobbin before I take them off. I love the colors. The yarn will be self stripping. I'm thinking these will make adorable long arm/wrist warmers for one of my daughters for next winter.
The next two are from the last batts that I made up before shipping off my drum carder. heard me right. I sold the drum carder. Anyways, I used up a ton of Phat Fiber loose fibers in the redish skein and the other grayish one is a mix of purples, blues and grays. The gray one is plyed with dark gray cashmere recycled yarn. I love the redish singles one. It has gorgeous locks and sparkles everywhere. I'm guessing there is about 15o yards in that one. And, maybe 175 yards in the gray one. Any suggestions as to what to do with these?

More Cloth Diapers

I've been sewing up more types of cloth diapers. Above are 7 Rita's Rump diapers. I used her free pattern. (which I highly suggest) It's a one size fits all pocket diaper. We'll use either pins or snappis to hold it closed. I totally forgot to add seam allowances when cut these out, so they won't fit quite as long. But, they are soft and will be really nice for baby.
This diaper is a Nykibaby All In One, One Size Fits All Diaper. I bought this pattern through Etsy yesterday. It's a great pattern and I'm glad I bought it. It's the only one size fits all pattern that I have now with the exception of the Ritas Rump diaper. This one has PUL inside and a pocket for a flat fold or soaker to go into. I've lined it with minky fabric and is soooo soft. I think I may have pulled my elastic a bit to much, so on the next one I'll do less. I'm planning to make 10 more of these. I think we are going to find these really convenient. Especially for my hubby and family.

17 Week Baby Bump

I tried today to get a good baby bump photo today. This photo actually shows my belly a bit bigger than it actually is. Never the less, you still can't see my feet. I'm feeling good and doing lots of sewing and knitting for this little one. We are almost half way there!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cloth Diapers.... I Must Be Crazy!!!

We've decided to try cloth diapering for our new baby. There are dozens of reasons to use cloth diapers. I won't go into that here. So we are going to cloth diaper for 3-6 months and see how it goes. I've been doing tons and tons of research the past 2 months or so while I've been feeling less than human. Who knew that there was such a huge world of information, forums, and websites dedicated to cloth diapering. And, that there are dozens of different ways to cloth diaper. Needless to say... it was a little daunting getting started. I knew right away that I would be making the majority of the diapers. With the exception of the basic prefolds. I narrowed it down to a few basic styles of daipers and covers. I still have lots more to make, but I have a good start. So... on with pics and basic info for our starter diapers.

First off: The wool covers. For going over the cloth to help with leaks. All my patterns were free on Ralvery. Sign up if you haven't already! It's an awesome place to find any pattern you may be looking for.
My favorite of all the wool soaker covers: The "Spare Ribs Soaker" - I made this one with some of my superwash wool handspun. Superwash isn't normally used, but I thought that having one that could go in the was would be good. I love love love this pattern. So cute and easy to knit. Plus it looks like it will fit great. It will most likely be swimming on our newborn but, it's a one size fits all pattern and should fit from 3 months to 2 years. I'll be making another one of these with smaller yarn and needles and adding leg length for longies.
The green one is "Daffadowndilly Diapre Warp" - Super simple and fast knit. I think I'm going to add aplix (velcro) to it to close it in front. I think we will love this because it's a wrap style. I'll be making another one of these. I used some recycled wool from an old sweater.

My least favorite so far is the red one "Frantic Mama Knitted Soaker" - I don't like how the leg openings and ribbing are done on this one. And, I don't like how wide the crotch is. Once it's on baby though it may surprise me. I used recycled lambswool.

Now for the cloth diapers: I used mostly 100% cotton fleece, flannel, and hemp fleece for these diapers. Oh.. and PUL for the water resistant parts.
6 Quick Snap Flat Wraps - made with 100% cotton fleece. These are great. They are similar to flat folds, but have been altered to snap together in the front. They have an optional taller rise. They look big for newborn, but we'll see. I think we are going to love these. Plus, they are super fast to make up and don't use a ton of fabric.
Three size small Quick Snap Flat Wraps. A diaper cover with leg gussets in the middle. (size nb) This one was made with the Very Baby pattern. And last, two side snapping diaper covers. Made with the free "Cloe Toes" pattern. One is size newborn and the other is preemie. Again... newborn looks huge!
Two Very Baby All In One diapers, and one diaper cover with inside mini diaper and soaker. The two outside diapers are the all in ones. I'm not at all fond of the one on the left. Both of these have soakers and doublers inside. Once I put velcro on these they will be done.