Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Projects

So, a few weeks back I mentioned that the weekends would be my “craft anything I WANT days”. This weekend I was able to do just that! Actually....I started my own crafts on Friday. That may have been cheating just a bit, but I really wanted to make my pattern weights.

So on Friday I made my pattern weights. I decided to use some fabric samples that I had ordered from a great fabric shop in the UK. The samples were nice and big. Around 6/8” each. But... some of them had “sample” stamped on them. Which eliminated the idea of piecing them together and making a doll quilt. I did think however that they would be great as my pattern weights. I had three samples of oil cloth and 5 samples of upholstery weight fabrics. I did a lightweight interfacing on the upholstery ones just to make sure they would stand up the the weight of the BB's. I pinked all the edges and just sewed em up on three sides. I then poured in some BB's and stitched up the tops. The edges are pinked, so I didn't have to turn them or anything. I made three sizes. The largest ones and three of the med. ones still need BB's. (I ran out) But, the others have already seen use. I LOVE them.

On Friday night and Saturday afternoon I sewed up some summer dresses for the girls. Ironic too, because it decided to snow on us Friday late afternoon. (and to think that last week it was over 80) I followed a tutorial on Crafster to turn a men's button down work shirt into a sun dress. It was very easy to follow. I altered mine a bit. I added detailing around the empire waist, and I put elastic in the back so the girls could wear them longer. I also added a tie in the back. They are really cute. I'll be making a few more of these. I'll try and get the girls to model for me sometime.

Saturday evening, I finally cut out the apron that I've been wanting to make. It'll be for me to use while I'm sewing and crafting. I'm using and adorable print that has a “pattern piece” background with sewing forms dressed in dresses. I'm making the apron reversible, so the back is an orange and bright pink striped. Both sides will have pockets and the front will have a decorative black border around most of it.

Well, I'm off to go sew up my apron. Finished pics will come tomorrow.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Washed And Cleaned... Well... Almost

So last night I gave my new doll a good scrubbin. The baking soda in the water did a world of good to her smell. I can't smell smoke on her anymore. The bath also cleaned up all the dirt and grim. It did take most of the blushing away as well. Which led to yet another problem. I see now why she was blushed all over to begin with. It looks as though someone began to sand her seam lines only to find that she had yellowed. (meaning that the sanded areas are a beautiful pinky white and the non-sanded areas are yellower) But, they didn't stop at the one place. They "tested" other parts of her as well. So, she is now officially labeled my "Project Girl". This weekend my hubby and I are going to sand her all over and remove all yellowing and such. She is going to be so pretty when we are done. Though... her fingers have some weird coloring between them that I couldn't get off. I'm sure hoping that sanding will take care of that. If not, I can always get replacement hands.. but the resin match won't be perfect because she is so old.

I captured some pics of her this morning in the morning sun. She's so pretty. I had fun dressing her last night. She seamed so at home in these undies and bomber jacket. She reminds me of something out of the 1950's. I have changed her eyes from the dark blue she came with the these pale blue ones. I love them on her. And, I have decided to call her Jane. This weekend I will be sewing up some jeans, tops, and hopefully a trench coat for her. We'll see how productive I really am... I still have some commissions to work on. Anyways.... here she is.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Dollie In The House!!

Today my Narae (60cm) arrived. I got her second hand. Actually I'm her third owner. I was told before I bought her that she had all over yellowing. (common with resin dolls) I also knew from the pics that she was in need of a bath. From the pics it looked like she had been blushed all over. I asked the owner about the blushing and she said that to her knowledge, the doll had never been blushed and that she just had her finger and toe nails painted. To me so looked blushed.... either that or she was really dirty. But, she was an amazing deal, so I went for it and bought her.

After opeing the box, the first thing I noticed was a smoky smell. Yuck!! I'm slightly allergic to cigarette smoke... well, it makes my eyes water and scratch and my nose drip like crazy. Once she was un-wrapped I noticed that she was indeed fully blushed. After the thrill of opening up a new doll, I began a really good inspection of the doll. Here is my rundown of my new girl.
Good Things:

- She has an amazing face-up by an amazing artist. Staci Carpenter. The face has less yellowing than the rest of her body. Which is a great thing.

- She poses great. She stood like a rock right out of the box.

- She wears clothes great. So far, everything that I have put on her has hung beautifully. She will make a great model for me.

- Her body sculpt is gorgeous!! Gotta love the Narindoll company for their ability to sculpt such life like bodies. Her curves are flowey and nothing about her has the look of an animated pin up girl.

- Her ears are pierced.... Not mentioned by the former owner. I don't mind the earing holes. In fact the will be great to have. I just wish I had been told about it.
Not Great Things:

- The smell..... I'm planning on throwing the pillows that came with her in one of those dry cleaning bags to rid them of the smoky smell. And, I will be tossing all the bubble wrap and other loose packaging in the garbage. I'm not sure what to do about the box. Maybe I should leave it in the garage to air out for a while.

- The dirtiness of her body. She is a mess. Sooo much crud between fingers, toes, and joints. And, I think that some of her "Blushing" is just overall dirt. And, if she was in a smoking enviroment, then some of the yellowing and dirt could be just from that.

- The previous owner. I'm not mad at her by any means. The doll was a great deal and she arrived very quickly. But, when asked about the smoky smell she said that she didn't smoke. Not to mention the fact that she didn't mention the earing holes, or the blushing. Which the doll is clearly blushed. I'm not sure how hard core she is about collecting BJD's. Someone who has been around for a while would have mentioned all the "little" things about this doll that are not perfect. I'm not saying that this was a bag purchase or even one that I regret. I LOVE this doll. But... For the amount of money that this beauty cost me, I would have liked a bit more discloser about her.

Even with the not to great things, I'm very happy with this girl. She is currently soaking in a “bath” of warm water, organic cleaner, and baking soda. I just finished my first scrub of her. She is already looking better. I was nervous unstringing her. I took good pics of her insides before unstringing her so I can get her put back together again. Some of the blushing has already come off. But, I think this is a good thing. I would rather have a clean doll than one with dirty blushing. Her hands just drove me nuts. Ther was scum between the fingers!! I'll post some pics of her after her bath. She is going to be a stunner.