Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden Update - Late July

 The garden is growing well.  Though honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you if it was truly thriving.  But, from what I can tell... things are starting to happen.

My herb table is looking lush and green.  We pluck something from it almost every night.  The pot in the center is mint, peppermint, and pineapple sage.  After I took this picture I decided to split them up into their own pots.  They are doing much better now.  I can't believe how big they got.  I need to learn to dry these herbs to use them in the winter.  Especially for tea.

As you can see my tomatoes are doing well.  I'm actually quite surprised.  On my big tomato plant I have about half a dozen 1" or so tomatoes growing.  I seem to find a few more itty bitties every day.  I can't wait until they get big and red!  My cherry tomato plant is also going strong.  There are a few dozen tomatoes started.  Ray is sooo excited about these.

My hanging cucumbers are starting to grow too.  There are many 1" cucumbers started.  I've never seen them grow before so this is exciting!!

I've harvested two 4-5" green bell peppers so far.  There are 3 more on bush and the red bell pepper plant is just starting.  Hubby says that the bell peppers that we've eaten so far were't to great.  Hmmmm.....

The zucchini has 5 started and lots more flowers.  2 are not going to make it, but the other 3 are looking good.  Some of the leaves are turning yellow.  I think I need to fertilize with something.  I will have to look that up.

The green beans, strawberries, and blueberries are very uninspiring.  Very small strawberries, only a few very small green beans so far and only a dozen or so blueberries that may ripen up.  Hopefully they will get better as the weeks go by.  No photo of these as they aren't that interesting right now.

All in all we are having lots of fun with our garden.  I am loving seeing things grow that we can eat.  Very satisfying.  Next year we will definitely be planting more variety.

Happy 11th Birthday Alaina!

On the 13th my oldest turned 11.  I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing.  Being in full "tween" stage she is now all about nail polish, clothes, earrings, makeup, etc. Her favorite activities are reading, riding her new bike (even though it's pink), playing board games, coloring (she is currently doing fun geometric drawings with some "nice" colored markers), shopping and her new love... photography.

She is just as sweet as they come.  She is kind to everyone.  Polite.  She wants to learn pretty much anything that she can.  She is very interested in all things science and math.  And, likes to be called Alicat.
Being very much her fathers daughter, she wants to be involved in everything that her daddy is doing.
My daughter is turning into a wonderful young lady.  With a very open heart and a kind soul.  We love her dearly.  Happy 11th Birthday Alaina!!!