Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quilt For Cael - Part 4

Yesterday I did a ton of work on Cael's quilt. I sandwiched all the layers and finished quilting it! I knew that I wanted to do free motion stippling, but I was nervous to do it. My machine is a bit.... temper mental and I wasn't sure it would do it for me. The last time I tried stippling it turned out a complete mess and I had to revert to standard straight line quilting. Anyways.... I played with the tension, stitch length settings, etc. and I finally got my sample piece to look somewhat decent.
The quilting took me about 3.5 hours for this quilt. Trying to get the big quilt to move around was a pain and my wrists were killing me when I finally finished. But, all in all I'm really happy with the results. I just that "puckery" look that a stippled quilt has. I'm anxious to get my binding tomorrow and finish up the quilt so I can throw it in the wash and put it in babies room.
*On a cute side note: When my hubby saw the quilt as I was quilting he looked at me and smiled and he said "I remember those fabrics." I love that our son will be wrapped in his dad's old work shirts.... I think I've said that before.

A Quilt For Cael - Part 3

I sewed up the quilt top late in to the evening on the 23rd. Even though I thought my rows were looking a bit long for a baby crib quilt, I kept on stitching. When I finished I finally noticed that it was to long. Way to long and not wide enough. I went back to my drawing and realized that instead of 11 rows of 8 I had drawn 8 rows of 11. Yeah... this is why I shouldn't do a complex math quilting project while pregnant!! Instead of undoing everything, I just cut off the bottom that I didn't need and added 3 more rows. It ended up working great and my final quilt top measures 39" x 58". A bit larger than a standard crib quilt, but not by much.

I love the colors and the pattern that I chose. The photo doesn't show the whole top as I had a hard time getting a good photo of it at 11:00 at night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Quilt For Cael - Part 2

Today I cut out all the rectangles for the quilt. I also made up a graph on some paper so it would be easier for me to sew up the rows and not have any of the same prints right next to each other. Tonight I'm going to start sewing them together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Quilt For Cael

I decided to make a crib quilt for Cael. Yeah.... we finally picked a name for our little boy. Anyways, I really wanted to make him something special and all boy. For fabrics I decided to use some of my hubby's old work shirts that he no longer wears. I love that he will be wrapped up in his daddy's shirts! I'm planning to use some solid white as well. And, for the back I chose a baby blue quilters cotton with tiny polka dots in green, brown, white, blue, etc.

It took me a while to settle on a pattern. I found this one and I totally fell in love with it. Simple, yet not squares. I even love the little elephant. I may try and add something to my quilt like that. Maybe his initials? The pattern is a free one my Amy Butler found here. It's called the Lotus Quilt. My goal is to have it done before the baby shower. So... 3 ish weeks. It's a big task, but I think I can do it. If I don't make it that's ok. He still has 10 more weeks to finish growing inside me. I'll post more pics as I go.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeme - The Birdling

We were out grilling tonight when Alaina heard a funny noise. She said she heard a tap noise next to her and when she turned around she saw this tiny tiny little bird laying on the ground. We all went over to take a peek. It looked dead to me so I went into the house and got a paper napkin to pick it up with. I figured the girls would want to bury it and I know I certainly couldn't keep that tiny little thing out there like that. So, I picked it up in the napkin. It still looked dead. Alaina went inside to get a trowel to dig a small hole. And, we all went over to the tree next to our backyard fence and she started digging a hole. Then... it moved. Not much, but it moved it's little tiny wing.
The girls and I took it into the house and I looked online for what I should do with the poor little thing. I then placed it in a tupperware bowl and placed a washcloth over it so it could still breath, but it would also be warmer. Then I placed my work light (it gets quite warm) above it for extra heat. I said we should give it a name, something about how see through it is. And, Rachel said "Seeme". Love it. The girls kept vigil over it while we finished making dinner. With the warmth the baby bird started moving more and even rolled a bit so it's belly was closer to the warmth. I don't think I've seen Rachel sit so still before for so long.

We ate dinner and after my hubby started looking up how to care for it. I already had the number for the Animal Control and the Human Society, but they were both closed... so I was planning to call them tomorrow. Anyways...about 30 min later, little birdy took it's last breaths. I noticed that it's breathing became very labored and we could see extra blood pooling in it's little belly. Sad.... but we were expecting it. After it died we buried it under the tree and Alaina made a headstone for it with a rock and a sharpie.
We think it was some kind of sparrow or swallow. We have lots of those in the yard. We couldn't find an nest anywhere and it fell right next to our stair by the door. So, it's a mystery as to how it got there. Total in length this little one was 3cm long and were thinking it couldn't have been more than a day old.

Kinda cute and sad all at the same time. Those girls have the best hearts and are so loving. And, me being pregnant and all maternal had to keep from crying in front of the girls when it died. Anyways... I just had to share our adventure.

Monday, June 14, 2010

28 Weeks 4 Days!

Another month has gone by. Our little man is very steadily growing. On Saturday night he "dropped". I felt him moving around like I've never felt before on Saturday night and when I woke up Sunday morning I looked down and thought, "Where did my baby go!?" My midwife said today that he turned himself around and is now head down in preparation for birth. She still thinks he's going to come early. Maybe closer to 37 weeks. He's been jabbing, juggling, and bumping into everything inside my body lately. But overall I'm feeling good. I haven't gain any weight yet. Yeah! Their records say I lost 9 lbs in the beginning of my pregnancy and so far I've only gained 5 back. No name yet.... Were thinking maybe Conner, Cael, Canton, Caden, Caenen, or Cedric.
If I look exhausted in these photos it's because our oldest had a sleepover with 6 friends on Friday night (they were up past 3:30am, which means so was I) and then my youngest had a fever on Saturday night and on Sunday night.... Yeah, I'm tired.

Trimsies, Comfy Covers, Preemie PF's, & Sprout Snap Experiment

Been busy lately making a few more diapers and covers. First up are some comfy covers. I love love love how easy they are to make up. They are a great use for my misc. fleece chunks. I can't wait to try these on our new son when he arrives. 2 size nb and 3 size m. All have pul with polar fleece and cute diva made tags.
These are medium trimsies. This was a pattern that I finally broke down and bought. I've heard such wonderful things about this pattern and it's overall fit. I think I have a pattern addiction. I love the way these went together and I think they will be a daddy and grandma favorite. They all have PUL outers with cute flannel added to two of them. One has aplix closing (love this style) and the others have the snaps. I did an alteration to the soakers inside and made them all one piece that I sewed down in the front of the diaper. Insides are either flannel or birdseye or a mixture of both. I'm hoping these are as awesome as they look. I plan to make many more.
Here's a Sprout Snap Experiment. I made this one as a cover that I could tuck a prefold or flat into. I actually really like how it turned out. Next time I'll make the front interior flap part shorter. PUL & flannel outer with alova suede cloth inner with FOE.
Last are some preemie prefolds I made just in case. (my midwife thinks he will come between 34 and 37 weeks) I winged these and used measurements from prefold websites. I used birdseye for these. (I think it was called "diaper fabric" at JoAnnes. They are shown with a nb sposie, vb nb fitted, and preemie little starter? cover.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Fording 4th Street" - June Rain Storm

Last Wednesday a huge rain storm dumped on us for over an hour. I've seen rain like this before. But never for so long. It rained and rained like the sky was dumping a months worth of water on us leaving our cold-a-sac flooding with water. Thunder and lightening could also be heard and seen.

My husband was driving home from work when it started. He said that he saw this big black cloud right over our town by the time he got off the freeway, cars were “fording 4th street”. He got home safely and we watched it continue to downpour through dinner.
After over an hour of rain it finally stopped. Two of our neighbor kids came out and were playing in the mote left by the storm. Equipped with rain boots, crocs and *no coats.... the kids went outside, AMA (against mom's advice). Alaina was just getting over a fever and it was still looking stormy outside. I was imaging lightening striking our tree and Alaina getting pneumonia. But with daddy saying “they will be fine... loosen up... they went out.
I have to admit that even though I was a bit cross at my hubby for letting them out in that weather, they had a great time. The water in the cold-a-sac was so deep that it reached past their ankles. Deep enough to sit and lay in. They splashed, jumped, and rolled around having a blast. As the water was very very slowly making it's way down the drain grates, the girls decided to build a dam. Using 2x4's that were against the curb and some pulled weeds they went to work. It worked for a while. It did start raining again and by then they were soaking wet and cold. A warm bath and comfy jamies made for very happy and tired girls.
In closing I just wanted to say that it's June.... I know it's still technically spring, but our weather has been sooo off lately. This type of rain, this time of year is kinda strange. Yesterday it was hot, very sunny and gorgeous. Today it's overcast and a bit windy... but warm. Weird.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trimsies Diaper....Very Ugly First Try

I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Trimsies pattern. It's a very trim and absorbant diaper. And, you can use the pattern in a variety of ways. I really dont' NEED another pattern. (I think I'm addicted) I bought it anyways and yesterday I made up a quick sample diaper. It's soooo ugly!!

The diaper specs: PUL outer, Alove Suede Cloth inner, 3 layers recycled Flannel and 1 layer Alove Suede Cloth for the soaker. Aplix (velcro) closures and of course a super cute Diva Made tag in back.
Now, just because I think this diaper is ugly dosn't meen that I think the pattern itself sucks. I love love this pattern. It's super trim and easy to sew up. I just have to do a few things different next time. I will turn and top stitch the soaker. (my serger isn't serging very pretty) and I'll change the way I do the velcro on the front tabs.
I'm planning on making up a bunch of these in size Medium. I have tons of newborn dipes already.(this one is a small/newborn) I'm thinking that they will be really easy for dad, grandma, etc. Because they are All In One. No seperate anything to worry about. You just put it on the baby. I will also make some with the side snapping that is original to the pattern.
I can't wait to try all my dipes on our little man when he arrives. Then I can take lots of action shots and review all the patterns that I've made dipes from.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Rachel!!

I can't believe my baby is 7. She's growing up so fast. Doing things that "big girls" do. Playing with friends, reading, writting, being sassy (isn't that what all 6-7 year olds do?) and just generally being a loving and wonderful little girl. She wants to be involved with everything going on around her weather it's helping daddy fix the cars (there's been a lot of that lately) or helping me in the kitchen or with cleaning or crafting.

Her real birthday was on Thursday... shoulda posted then. We got her a scooter and a DS game. She loves loves loves her scooter. She's been on it every day since she got it. Happy Birthday Rachel!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend On The Coast

My hubby and I took the kids to my folks home on the Peninsula. We go every year not only for the "World's Longest Garage Sale" but to visit family and enjoy the beach. We didn't enjoy the beach much as it was raining almost the entire weekend. But, we did do a ton of garage-sailing on Friday and Saturday. The girls found lots of books, a microscope, shinny rocks, and a few toys. I found books, baby stuff, and some towels for making diapers. The hubby found lots of tools and "man stuff".
Even though the weather was bad we did have one clearish night to have a backyard bonfire. It's always one of our favorite things to do. It was also the only thing that I got pictures of the whole weekend. To fill in time while rain was coming down we played lots of games. The favorite was "Ticket to Ride". Lots of fun! Rachel's favorite was Bingo.