Monday, June 16, 2014

Liam Michael

I don't think this little man has yet to have his own post. Shame on me! He turned 7 months old just a few days ago. It really is amazing just how fast the days run by. But now.... Now its time to really introduce our sweet little surprise boy.

He was born November 20th. I wish I could say it was a peaceful beautiful birth. But I would be lying.  It was the longest and most difficult delivery of my four babes. I had hoped to have a quick natural birth. But after 12 hours I was ready for that epidural. In hard labor the anesthesiologist tried 4 times to get in the epidural. I finally told him to stop. Less than 20 minutes later our son was born. He was healthy and soooo beautiful. 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 3/4 inches. We were in the hospital an extra day.
We were lucky to have my folks staying with us for the month he was born. It really made it nice to have the extra support around.
Cael took to Liam right away. We had been worried that Cael would try and hurt a new babe. He's of the jealous type after all. Even the hospital pediatrician said we should watch carefully. Gee thanks....because I wasn't already worried! As it turned out I didn't need to worry just then. He loved him. Cael was always telling us when Liam was crying or when he was just fussy. Even if we were already holding him. It was very sweet. The girls loved their new little brother. Rachel had an amazing touch. Liam would sleep on her chest for hours. And she would him and give him kisses.
As a newborn he was amazing. He slept well and loved to be cuddled and held. He never fussed unless there was some reason. He nursed beautifully and snuggled so sweet. He really reminded me of Alaina when she was new. And still does today.

He's hit his milestones as he should. Alert and grasping things by two months, fussy during one time of the day between 6 and 10 weeks,  cooing and smiling and just being adorable by 3 months. He rolled over at 5 months....would have been sooner if his belly wasn't so big! And now at 7 months he is rolling, scooting, sitting, and eating first foods. And still, he has this peaceful calm to him that reminds me so much of Alaina. He's such a sweet boy and we are thankful for him everyday.
Just look at those sweet chubs!!!

We love you sweet boy!

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