Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Paper Hat & Mrs. Weasley

I was knitting away on my "Mrs. Weasley Wrap" when the doorbell rang this afternoon. I answered the door to find this huge box on my front doorstep. I had no clue what it could be... The box said "The Village Hat Shop" on it and it came from California. I just kinda stared at it for a while. I thought maybe it was something from my husband, or maybe it was fiber that I had forgotten that I ordered and it was just in a hat box. I finally decided to just rip it open and what I saw made my jaw drop. It was a large brimmed paper hat! I've been wanting one forever now. I saw a receipt in the bottom of the box. It was from my mom. I have to admit a few tears fell before I could call her and thank her for the unexpected and thought full gift. I can't wait to wear it this summer. It'll be a staple while I'm gardening or just lounging at the beach. Mrs. Weasley? Well, I finished 3 skeins of scrappy yarn from that scrap swap I was a part of. I decided to make a wrap with it. I can't seam to put it down. I don't know if it's the simplicity of the pattern, or the awesome color changes. But, I love it and I am determined to get it done by the end of the weekend. I'm calling it "Mrs. Weasley Wrap" because it just reminds me of something that she would wear. I wish I could wear more things like she does, but I'm not sure I could get away with it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June Phat Fiber Sampler Box

My box finally arrived today. I thought it would arrive on Friday, then Saturday, and by Sunday I just had to wait until Monday. I was sooo happy to see the box today. My camera batteries died before I got even one picture. I didn't want to wait to open it, so I opened my box and dug through it and then took these pictures “staged” later. I know... I'm bad. I just couldn't wait!

This month's box is insane! I thought for sure that I would have a few things to trade out, but no. I love absolutely everything. The colors, fibers, and misc items all made me smile like a fool. I'm still smiling like a fool. I still haven't spun up the samples from last month and I'm glad that I didn't. Because the stuff from this month added to the stuff from last month will make some awesome yarn. I just have to pair it all up and make some baby skeins. And, some of the yarn samples will go great with last months as well which will allow me to do some bigger projects. Anyways... here is what all came.

1 - – Herbal Moth Repellent – Smells awesome!
2 - – Secret Identity Mask in Knit or Crochet Pattern
3 - – Briny Sea Cowl Knit Pattern – I'm so glad I got this pattern.
4 - – Button Adoration Ceramic Button – drool.....
5 - – Adorable Koi stitch marker – so stinkin cute
6 - – Blue stitch marker
7 - Misc. business cards and discount coupons
8 - Pirate map and little message in bottle
9 - - “Misty Lagoon” handspun with beads!

10 - - “Deep Blue Sea” Sock yarn – lovelovelove
11 - - “Siren Call” Fingering wt. SW Merino/Seacell – gorgeous!
12 - - “Champange Pearls” Fingering wt. 3Ply Handspun merino/tencel so pretty!
13 - - “Sandy Beach” SW Wool & Nylon yarn – huge sample, I love these colors.
14 - - “Great Barrier Reef” Merino lace yarn- so insanely soft.
15 - – Lucky Sock “Iceberg” yarn.
16 - - “Clearwater” Handspun single merino/tencel – I have to say...this is my favorite yarn in the box. I can't stop looking at it.
17 - – Fiber Batt
18 - – Dyed Mohair
19 – “Woodland Forest” Hand dyed wool roving
20 - - “Sea Breeze” wool and mohair roving
21 - - “Mermaid Beach” 100% Baby Alpaca – yummy!
22 - - “Lost at Sea” 100% New Zealand Merino – so pretty and soft!
23 - - “Mermaid's Home” Hand Dyed Merino – love this one
24 - – 4 samples of their natural dyed rovings... this one is my favorite fluff of this month. I may have to buy some of this stuff. It's awesome.

I also received a dozen or so of these post cards with the Phat Fiber Sampler info on the back. I'm sure these are handed out like flyers and such. At first I didn't realize why she had sent me so many.... until I took a closer look at the photo. My handspun is in there! Very cool.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comin' Down From The Buzz.....

We had a very very full house most of the weekend. By 11:00am today the verberating (I think that's a word lol ) noise of the house finally bottomed out. The constant buzz in my head from jugging extra kids, an extra (and very rambunctious) dog, and everything else has started to go away. Moms out there.... you know what I mean!

I finally got a chance to look through a box that arrived for me yesterday. I was soooo hoping that it was my Phat Fiber box. But, instead it was my Sheep Shed Studios order! I'm glad to have more fiber in the house to dye up and a full pound of misc. dyed wools to throw through my drum carder. I've made up 6 batts so far. No pics yet, maybe tomorrow. But, they are yummy!

Fathers.... Yeah, it's father's day. With my dad so far away and the extra commotion it kinda got passed by. The girls made darling cards and I made one of my hubbies favorite dinners. It's been a somewhat quite day actually once the house calmed down. He's been fixing his truck, the girls actually played nicely together and I got to use my drum carder.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Regency Bug

I've had inspiration lately to make Regency style clothing for my dolls. I've done so much research about the construction, materials, styles, etc. I blogged about my first attempt at a Regency gown back in March. Since then I have knit a shawl and taken better pics of that dress. And, I just finished a new dress in white for my 43cm Narae.

Both gowns are made of cotton. The grey one is a wrap front dress and closes at the waist with a snap. Totally not period, but I saw a lot of wrap front dresses that closed with drawstrings and such. It has wine colored trim and I knit up a triangle scarf with some white reclaimed wool and cashmere yarn. I do love this dress. With a few modifications the next one will be even better.
This white dress has been making me drool all week. I'm sooo sooo pleased with how it came out. As an artist I rarely look at something that I've done and said "perfect!". I always see something that could be improved upon next time. Not with this dress. I love everything about it. It's made with white cotton. (actually it's a 300 thread count Ralph Lauren sheet) The dress started as a test pattern for a commission that I have. I loved the fit so much I decided to add a skirt to it. And, then I decided to add a white cotton gauze type fabric as an outer skirt. The outer skirt has a silver thread woven through it. It's so pretty. The top of the bodice has a drawstring so it can be gathered and then it laces down the back. The shawl is a white embroidered hankie.
Also I wanted to mention that neither of my girls are wearing the proper undergarments. A proper corset is in the making.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woolyhands & Scrappy Fluff

More fibery goodness arrived in my mailbox today. First up are two gorgeous rovings from Woolyhands on etsy. The pink and gold one called "Regal Shades" is BFL and 3.5oz. And the blue and green one called "Dancin In The Street" is Merino and 4.25oz. Bothg so yummy and soft. She included a nice little sachet of lavender with a pin that says "I Love Handmade". I can't wait to sit down and spin these babies up. I'm not sure what I'll use the yarn for you. I know that I want to make both girls some winter wear. Especially a balaclava and some leg warmers. I would make mittens, but the girls seam to loose them at school, so for now I think I'll be staying with store bought ones. Both these rovings would make super cute balaclava's and I'll only need about 200 yards of worsted weight to make one. Just in case you can't see my link and you don't know what a balaclava is.... it's a hat and scarf in one. They are also sometimes called a helmet liner. My girls don't like dealing with scarfs and my oldest hates wearing a hat. So this will be perfect for them.

These are some awesome scrappies! I joined a swap where I sent in 2 4oz. braids of my rovings (as well as about 30 other people) and then I received 8oz. of bits and pieces of what other people sent in. They are intended to be used for making a scrappy yarn or to use in felting. I got 20 little balls in a rainbow of colors and tons of different types of fibers. I wish I knew what each one is. Some of these are sinfully soft and luxurious. All are next to skin soft so once spun up I will use these for something intended for next winter. Maybe even a pair of socks!

I'm feeling horid today so I think I may go and sit by the window to spin. The trees are releasing their cottony pollen stuff that is making my allergies so nasty. Awww...springy summery weather is upon us.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tinkerbell & Pirates

Rachel had her friend birthday party this weekend. I can't believe she's 6! We had it at home we had a total of 11 of her friends from school. She wanted a Tinkerbell party, which was lots of fun to plan. We had both girls and boys attending, so I decided to have a treasure hunt where the boys would find pirate items and the girls would find fairy items. In the end I had enough of both for the kids to have all of the items. The "treasures" were a pirate eye, fairy crown (even some of the boys wanted these) flower wands, compass's, and jewels. It was a fun morning. After my hubby and I had most of the day to relax, clean up, and rest. It's amazing how exhausting it is planning a party. I cleaned and prepared all week long for just 1.5 hours of party. Totally worth it when we saw all those happy kids and a very very happy daughter.

*The photograph is of the cupcakes that I frosted for the party. I was so pleased with them that I had to take pictures. They looked fantastic on the table and most of the moms jaws dropped when they found out that I frosted them. I saw a technique on youtube and went for it.