Friday, June 13, 2014

A Finished Object!

Looking through my knitting pile (trying to find some knitting mojo) I decided it was finally time to finish one of the 6 pairs of unfinished socks.  I picked up the oldest.  My first official non-vanilla socks.  Why I chose such a hard pattern is beyond me.  It's no wonder the thing took 7 years to finish!  I had the second sock done just past the heal.  So I picked it up, fixed some mistakes over the course of a few rows and finished the foot.  And, the next morning I finished the toe!  Ravelry Link. Now just 5 more pairs to finish!

These I'm proud of and I don't think I have posted anything about these.  These are my first hand dyed, hand spun, hand knit socks.  I love them.  I knit them tight so they would last.  They are thick and warm and I got to wear them a lot this last winter.  (hence the slight fuzzyness)  Ravelry Link.

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