Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Corner Of My Own

This is mine. All mine. My very own. And l love it. All 16 square feet of it. This is the first space that's all mine since we moved back in September. I didn't know how much I missed my own space until I got this desk. I haven't had much of a chance to actually sit and do something here yet. But I did decorate it and I found some things in storage to work on soon. Awwww yes!

 On one wall I have my finished Firefly cross stitch piece.  I love it.  And, the frame I found in storage works perfectly.  Below that is the box that my dad made for me.  It holds most of my sewing goodies.  On the other wall is the girls handprints from many years ago, a pin board/embroidery hoop, and my large quilting hoop.  This thing is so pretty.  I've been wanting to decorate with this since we moved it.  I finally figured out what to do with it.  I decided that it would be a work in progress hoop.  I found some lovely natural linen.  I will add embroidery, cross stitch, and found thingies onto it as time goes by.  I used some transfers from the book Little Stitching.  I love her designs. I have since finished two embroideries.  It's charming and it looks nice on the wall.

I see many many nights and days ahead of fun projects in this area.

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