Sunday, January 30, 2011

To The Goyas With Love

Dear Goyas,

I don't know who you are or what you are, but I wanted to write you today to say "Thank You".  You have given our son hours of enjoyment.  And, you have given us hours of pleasure watching him carry on full conversations with you. I don't know what your doing to capture so much of his attention lately.  But the shear amount of "goya, goya, goya" or "en goya" or "goy, goy, goy" or "aiiiii, aiiii, aiii" or "ouy, ouy, ouy" or "guy, guy, guy" and many other pronunciations have been coming out of his cute little voice for a month now.  He seems to be staring out at nothing.....but something... when talking to you.  So, I know you must be there.  So... whoever or whatever you are... Thanks. 

With Love,
Cael's Mommy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting & Sewing From Over The Holidays

The holidays are always a busy time for me. I'm not only planning and going to family gatherings, but I'm also busy making gifts. I try to make as much stuff as possible. This year with the new baby in the house I didn't get nearly enough time to make as much as I wanted. But, I did manage to do a few things. Below are some Xmas gifts that I made as well as a few things that I did after Xmas.
Little One Layete Xmas Eve jammies for Cael.
Emma nightshirt and Ottobre leggings for Ali for Xmas Eve.
Emma nightshirt and Ottobre leggings for Ray for Xmas Eve.
Action shot of the outfits on the kids.

Nola slippers for my dad for his birthday that was in November. I did finish both, but I didn't get a photo of it before I gifted it.
Nola slippers for my mother in law. She loved them. They may look "granny like" but they are sooo comfy. I'm planning on making some for myself and family.
Bright orange legwarmers for Ray. I also made a pair in bright blue for Ali, but I can't find a photo of those. Will have to take one!
Professor vest for the boy. It fits him better now as it was a bit big in the photo above.

Shawllette for my mom. This one took a while. It's made with a silk blend yarn that was sooo yummy to work with.
These were finished after the holidays. Jungle Gym overalls made with scraps of wool yarns. No buttons yet and it hasn't been blocked. There is plenty of room to grow.
Avaitrix hat. Love love Love this hat. Made it with malabrigo which is the soft wool yarn I've ever felt. I made this in November but it still fits him now.
I also made two Jayne hats (no pics but I will take some). One for my dad for Xmas and one for me. I also made two shawls on my knitting machine. I'm sure I've left something else out. But, I can't think of it now.

A Time For Family

December is always a time for family in our house. Lots of gatherings and general holiday merriment. This year was no different. We had about 20 people at our house for Xmas Eve dinner. Crazy hectic but oh so worth it. I love having lots of family in the house as this is the only time when everyone is together all year. People have begun moving further away and "starting their own lives". So, to me there is nothing better than to hear that roar of laughter and chattyness echoing through the house. Watching the girls play with family they don't see as often and watching my new son get oohhed and awwed over is a wonderful thing. Below are pics of our family which is so very loved.
Lousy picture of my side of the family. Me, with baby Cael, my parents, hubby, brother and sister in law, and our girls.
Hy husbands dad and step mom with Cael.
My mothers best friend and her family. I've known them since I was born. They might not be blood, but they are my brothers and "surrogate parents" non-the-less.
My husbands Mom and her Hubby with the girls about to go to a play downtown. Just look at those smiles!
The kids with my folks. They now live about 4.5 hours from us so having them here with us is always a special treat.
My husband with his gorgeous sisters and mom.
My husbands grandparents. This photo captures them soooo well!
My brother and sister in law. They are so much fun. My girls always get so excited when they come over.
Cael with is Auntie. He slept with lots of people that day and I got lots of pictures, but I just loved this one.
Christmas morning. I think they are tuckered out!

Christmas morning opening stockings. They had a great day. My oldest daughter got a cell phone (after 5 years of asking Santa for one) and my youngest daughter got Legos which we played with all day. So much fun!