Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Summer In Review

The summer officially came to a close today with the start of school. My oldest started 3rd grade today and my youngest will be starting Kindergarten on Friday. I have to admit though that I've been anxious for the start of school this year. But, today I found myself to be a bit aimless and random in my tasks. The summer has been such a blur of constant motion, events, friends, birthdays, and vacations, that I haven't really had time to look and see what has and hasn't been accomplished this summer. I have to say that overall it was a wonderful summer. The girls had a blast and we did a lot of things together as a family. But.... what happened to all that sewing that I was supposed to get done... and all the “organizing” of the house and garage that desperately needs to get done... and lets not even mention all that yard work. Sitting here as the kids go off to school all I see is backed up commissions, a messy house and yard, and an endless winter of housework.

So... what DID we do this summer?

Birthday parties for both my kids and husband.... check
Family BBQ at in-laws for summer b-days...check
4th of July dinner and fireworks... check
2 Trips to the family cabin at the beach... check
Lots of play dates with friends... check
Multiple days of playing in the slip and slide... check
Swim lessons every morning for a month... check
½ Of garage cleaned out... check
Garage sale... check
2 Camping trips with lots of sightseeing... check
Family check-ups, vision, and dental... check
Organizing the laundry room and closet... check
Trip to the Science Museum with friends... check
Lots of visits to Grandparents house... check
School clothes shopping... check
Oldest daughter gets her ears pierced... check
Trip to the local water park... check
Install new hallway and bathroom light fixtures... check
Nasty cold that went around to whole family... check
Getting the news that my parents are moving 4 hours away... not willing to check this one yet... it's still to... hard to imagine.
A successful summer filled with lots of laughter, fun, and family... priceless... hehe... just had to.

It's funny the things that stand out in your mind... usually things that are of small consequence.. but important non-the-less. Things like: I remember my youngest daughter in the “Gino Petrified Forest” museum that we visited. She knows not to touch anything... but sometimes she just can't seem to help herself. But, at the museum she put her hands in her shorts pockets and just kept them there. Neither my husband or myself told her to do this. It was just something that she did all on her own. I smiled the whole time as she walked around that museum and peered into the display cases with her hands in her pockets.

I remember last month when my oldest had a good friend over. I went upstairs to put away some laundry and I hear the two of them up in her bed just talking. Talking about how excited they were for school to start and which friends the wanted to see the most. Talking about girly things like what type of clothes they wanted for the new school year, etc. It wasn't what they were talking about that made me stop in the hallway and listen for a moment. It was the realization that my little girl was truly growing up. They weren't playing dolls, or dress up... they were just talking. Sigh....

For the closing of this rather long winded summer review I just wanted to send a “Love You!!” off to my mother. I never understood until this summer why she always looked forward to the start of a new school year. Now, I understand. Don't get me wrong... it's really nice to have the kids home all day after a long school year. But after a while you realize that it's really hard to get anything “done” when they are in the house. And, that the summer activities that revolve completely around the kids leaves you with a ton of work to do come fall. Thanks mom for all those fun summer months of my childhood. And, thanks for not going crazy come fall.