Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Happy Turkey Day

Were keeping things simple this year. 6 people total for dinner with a few more coming for dessert. I set the table very simply with my everyday dinner plates and some special linens. And, of course no Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without my grandmothers turkey salt and pepper shakers. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Socks! - Pattern Review

With the weather getting colder outside and heating prices going up, my hubby and I decided that we needed to leave off the heat more often. For the most part this is not that big of an adjustment. But, over the last week the weather has gotten pretty fidged (is that even a word?) in the morning and I keep hearing the same complaint. “Our toes are froze!!” (we have hardwood flooring throughout our downstairs) My girls do have slippers, but trying to find the matching pair when you need them can be almost impossible.

I wanted to knit us all a few pairs of thick warm winter socks, but I know that will take me until next summer to complete. I needed a faster remedy that was inexpensive and quick. So, I started looking on etsy to see if I could buy some socks... Well... I found this pattern to make polar fleece socks. I immediately purchased it. It arrived through pdf within about 7 hours. It was late.. almost 10 in the evening, but I couldn't go to bed without making at least one “test” pair. I pulled out about a half yard of leftover orange polar fleece from my daughters costume last year. (she was an orange cat) I first made up the largest pattern in hopes that it would fit my hubby. He tried them on and instantly loved them. I just had to make some for me too... and I did. Again with the orange fleece. I've now made everyone in the family at least one pair. I've been adding some puff paint to the bottoms of the girls so they aren't slipping around. I've got sooo much random fleece in a huge bin that I have been wanting to use up for some time now. I for-see many pairs of polar fleece socks under the Christmas tree this year.

Pattern information: I purchased this pattern from Cherryblossoms on etsy. Here is a link to her etsy store:

*I don't usually do reviews on my blog. But, from the minute that I finished and put on these amazing socks I was in love. And, I knew that I had to share.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Been Keeping Me Busy?

I've been a very busy bee lately. I just finished up two good sized orders for felt food. The picture shows about half of what I've been working on. A previous post showed the mess that happened during the process. Most of that mess is now cleaned up. And, my table is sitting awaiting the next project. Hmmmm... perhaps it's time to start all those Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Felt Attack!!!

I have received several orders for my children's play felt food over the past 2 weeks. My new drafting table went from perfectly clean and organized to a cluttered felt filled table in about 10 minutes. I love felt. It's so colorful and cheerful to work with. And, I love making toys for children that are educational, safe, and entertaining. I've been inspired to make a few new items after I finish up my orders. So, check back for final photos of what I'm working on as well as some fresh new items.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween started out in a flurry of activity. I prepared the house and most of the food for our annual Halloween party in the morning before I took my youngest to school for her “Halloween Ho-Down” party. I spent the afternoon at the elementary school going between the two girls classrooms helping out and enjoying the festivities. When we got home I finished getting ready for the party and began cooking waaaay to much food. Family started showing up and we ate, and ate, and ate until it was time go trick-or-treating.

The girls costumes were sooo cute. My youngest was Super Girl. I found her costume at Wal-Mart. My oldest wanted to be a pirate, but I couldn't find one in the stores that fit into the budget and looked nice. So, I set about making her costume. I made her shirt and vest from Simplicity 3644. I didn't like the vest pattern, so I used the jacket and altered it into a vest. I basically just left off the sleeves and slimmed down the shoulders. For fabric I used some of my grandmothers vintage navy polyester. For the shirt I used a white sheet that I no longer needed. I added embroidery around the collar for a custom look. I didn't have any buttons that matched, plus I needed over a dozen. I choose to pick out some brown plastic buttons from my stash that were all close to the same size. Then I used a product called “Rub & Buff” to make them all an antique bronze color. The pattern made up fast and easy. My only gripe about this pattern was the back slit in the vest. It looked horrible after I finished it so, I ended up taking it out and making it my way. I put in a real pleated vent. It looked much better. She wore brown sweats, brown boots, and pirate hat. I found a great wide black belt at the thrift store and put a pouch for all her pirate booty on the belt. And, no pirate could be complete without a pistol. (she didn't take this to school)

We had so much fun trick-or-treating with friends. The girls made it through almost the whole neighborhood before they were done. When we go back the “trading” began. They dumped out their haul and all four kids started shouting and passing candy back and forth.

One holiday down and three more to go. I've already started working on Christmas gifts. 90% of our gifts this year will be handmade. Lots of posts to come on those projects.