Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Load Of Boxes Packed!

Were moving this summer. Across the state to the Spokane area. We really love the Idaho panhandle too. We'll be going to check out rentals within the next month. Anyways... My first major hurdle in packing is done and I'm feeling really good! Our laundry room has always been considered “The Pit Of Dispair” It's always been stuffed with large clear bins filled with extra fabrics and art supplies. Over the years it's also become the place to put all that stuff that we still wanted to keep but didn't know where to put. I wish I had taken a before photo. I started out slowly bringing out random things and re-boxing anything that we were keeping. It ended up that almost ½ of the stuff ended up in the goodwill, garage sale, and garbage piles. I really couldn't believe the amount of stuff that had piled up.

I'm following this woman’s packing method and absolutely loving it! If your moving and some of your stuff will end up in storage this is certainly the way to go. I won't have any trouble finding things when we unpack our home or when we search the storage area for something.

Here is a picture of the “Pit Of Dispair” area in the laundry room now. All nicely cleaned out with neatly labeled boxes with plenty of room for more boxes as I work on the other rooms.  Origionally this area was filled almost 3/4 of the way up that window and the shelves were stuffed.
And, here is our garage sale pile. It goes all the way back to the slider. And, with the garbage and the goodwill the pile was as tall as the table. I'm not sure where to put our garage sale stuff. Hubby is working on his car in the garage and there just isn't room... so this stuff may stay inside for quite a few weeks.
On another note, I'm feeling better today. I found some free maternity clothes on Craigslist from the nicest women ever. They are in the wash and I'm excited to try everything on. The pants will all be to big, but we all know I can alter them on the sewing machine!

Also, just check out my freezer. All those meals and readied ingredients just make me smile. Tonight, my hubby wasn't hungry due to a late lunch so it was “Every Man For Himself” night. Ali ate a bean burrito and Ray made Mac & Cheese for her and Cael. It was her first time making it alone and she smiled the whole time. She was so proud to sit down and eat it with her little brother!

Monday, May 27, 2013

What?! Baby #4?


Yep... you see my sidebar and the above photo right.  We are expecting baby #4 on December 1st. Our little one in the ultrasound above is 13 weeks 4 days along. 

This little one is a surprise for us.  We are still in a bit of shock even though we are feeling excited about him/her.  I mean really.... just look at that profile.  For my past 3 babies the first ultrasound was done between 6 and 8 weeks for dating purposes.  Those ultrasounds look mostly like a peanut.  This little one shocked me.  He/she is a fully formed little person about the size of a lemon all curled up.  Perfect spindly legs and arms.  Pearly spine, stomach, bladder, and that beautiful fluttering heart.

How am I feeling?  Well,  I'm tired, cranky, nausaus, weepy and feeling huge.  None of my regular pants fit.  So Saturday I pulled out some older pants from my closet and revamped them into maternity pants.  They are much more comfy, but I'm still in that "I feel huge, but you can't tell I'm pregnant" stage.  This little one is pushing out much much faster than any of my last 3 did.  My midwife says it's because my muscles are good and stretched out by now.... yeah.  Soon shirts will be a problem too.  As most of the ones I have still fit but don't cover the maternity band.  That's ok though... just more sewing fun to be had.

How are the kids and hubby?  Well, the kids were shocked but happy.  And, of course Cael won't really understand what's happening until baby arrives.  Hubby is doing good too although he is certainly craving a good meal.  I can't seam to pull myself into the kitchen to cook lately.  I sorta fixed that today though.  I did some good freezer meal cooking today while I felt good enough.  There are at least 12 meals in there to help out on those days when I just don't want to eat... which is pretty much every day.

I figured I would kinda track my pregnancy here.  So far I've had just the 1 appointment with my midwife.  All is well but she wasn't able to find the heartbeat.  So, she sent me off to get an ultrasound.  I wasn't surprised by this.  It wasn't until my 16th week or so that they were able to get Cael's heartbeat.  Anyways.... the ultrasound went fine.  The tech said "Did you know you have a tilted uterus?"   Yes, I knew.. but just kinda forgot about.  She told me that that was why the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat.

Weight: -10 lbs
Food Cravings... well all I want to eat is bagels and chocolate.