Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I Love At The Peninsula

I took my girls down to the Long Beach Peninsula this weekend to visit my parents. We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend there. Though, the weather was absolutely beautiful on the day we left (of course) we still ventured out to enjoy the beach and town on the other cold and wet days.

The town of Long Beach itself is very "touristy". We've been making trips down here for 8 years now, so the sights of the town have become quite common to us. This last weekend my parents needed photos of town so we set off to take some pictures when the rain stopped on Sunday. I caught some things around town that I never really noticed before. Like the little lizard thing that was randomly carved between two shops, and the paintings on the sides of buildings.I posted a picture of my favorite shops here. Anna Lena's... my favorite quilt shop. Unfortunately the owner is retiring and she is closing her shop. I got some amazing deals this weekend, but I think it's the last time I'll get to buy fabrics there. Insert tear here. My kids absolutely love Marsh's Free Museum. They have so many weird things in there... lots of taxidermy animals, but their prize there is "Jake The Alligator Man". Look him up if you get a chance. There are pictures and stories about him on the web. And, finally my favorite bakery of all time. The Cottage Bakery. If you ever get down to Long Beach, you have to stop here. Yummy!!This last one is of course of family. The main reason why we are at the beach so much. It's hard to stay away.
I just had to post this last one. I was following this really really slow logging truck and after starring at it for what seamed like forever, I noticed one of the trunks (the one in the top left corner) is shaped like a perfect heart. I grabbed my camera and shot this pic out my front window.

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