Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fiber Goodness Of All Kinds!

It's been a good two days. Yesterday morning I purchased my fiber for the year. (I won't be limiting myself to just this fiber...but I will try and be good) I purchased over 8 pounds of various wools, superwash, nylon, etc from The Sheep Shed. And, I bought a few gorgeous rovings and exotic fibers from Etsy. The exotic fibers include hemp, bamboo, and flax. I didn't even know I could spin flax. I'm so excited to receive it all. I will be a spinning and dyeing maniac! And, to top it all off. For my birthday my hubby bought me a drum carder!!! After tons of research I decided on "The Kitten Carder" from With all the fibers that I have coming, this thing will be getting a great workout. I still have some random mill ends from a grab bag that I ordered from The Sheep Shed last year, that really needs to be carded before I spin it up.
And, just because I needed some kind of picture to post. Here is a stack of yummy fabrics that I bought at Anna Lena's in Long Beach last week. Soooo pretty. I got the backing that I need to make a quilt that I have been meaning to make for a year now. And, I got some other fun fabrics to make... I don't know... something. I'm such a fiber hoarder!

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