Thursday, February 5, 2009

Artisan Breads = Yummy

I saw this post on House on Hill Road and I got the itching to make some yummy bread. I haven't made bread without the bread maker in soooo long. It was kinda peaceful to kneed up the dough this afternoon while both girls were at school. I found a few free recipes online to try out. One of them was just a basic crusty white bread recipe and the other was a artichoke bread recipe. The white crusty bread turned out great and tastes very yummy. But, the hit of the night was definitely the artichoke bread. I'll try and post the link to the recipe later if I can find it again. Inside the bread there is artichoke hearts cut in to small pieces, pine nuts, garlic, pepper, and hard goats cheese cut into large chunks. I'm quite proud of these breads. I don't think I've ever gotten such good results before.
(the picture was taken after we ate half the loaf. note to self: restrain family from munching bread until you've taken a picture)

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