Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Bag For Calily

Yesterday I was suddenly inspired to make a padded bag for my new tiny BJD. She's 5" tall and is a Tinybear BonBon Fat Fairy. I've named her Calily. She will be getting nicer bright blue eyes and a better wig soon. I just love this doll. I'll post better pics of her another time. The lighting today is really harsh.
I know that I will be taking her with my to my parents house in a 2 weeks, and I want her to be safe inside my backpack. I didn't use a pattern. I just layed her out on some graph paper and drew a rectangle around her that looked to be the right size. The exterior of the bag is wool felt and for the lining I used some cotton quilting fabric that I got at Anna Lena's on my last trip to Long Beach. Because her name is Calily, I decided to embellish the bag with Cala Lillies. I found a drawing of Cala Lillies that I liked and traced out the basic shapes and appliqued it onto the bag using white and deep green felt. I made padded sleeping bag for Calily to slip into for extra padding and I also made a drawstring bag to put some of her accessories in. I love this bag.

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