Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Yarns & Fibery Goodness

This weekend I needed to custom dye some self stripping yarn for a Dr. Who scarf that I'm making for a doll outfit commission. I decided to try Rit Dyes. I loved them. I took the whole day yesterday and did nothing buy dye, dye, dye. Here is the Dr. Who yarn:

I dyed up a LOT of other yarns and rovings as well, but I didn't get any photos of those yet. I'll try and post those pics sometime soon.

On Friday night I spun the "Beach" roving that I got from the "Artclub" stuff that I received last week. I used some of my irridescent angelina and the locks and some of the sari silk that she sent along with it. It weighs in at around 4.5oz and is 138 yards of thick n thin goodness. I LOVE this yarn. I'm going to call it "Ocean Park". Because it reminds me of the beach at my parents house. I'll be knitting up a scarf that I can wear while walking on that beach week from next.

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Ally said...

Love all the colors!