Monday, June 7, 2010

Trimsies Diaper....Very Ugly First Try

I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Trimsies pattern. It's a very trim and absorbant diaper. And, you can use the pattern in a variety of ways. I really dont' NEED another pattern. (I think I'm addicted) I bought it anyways and yesterday I made up a quick sample diaper. It's soooo ugly!!

The diaper specs: PUL outer, Alove Suede Cloth inner, 3 layers recycled Flannel and 1 layer Alove Suede Cloth for the soaker. Aplix (velcro) closures and of course a super cute Diva Made tag in back.
Now, just because I think this diaper is ugly dosn't meen that I think the pattern itself sucks. I love love this pattern. It's super trim and easy to sew up. I just have to do a few things different next time. I will turn and top stitch the soaker. (my serger isn't serging very pretty) and I'll change the way I do the velcro on the front tabs.
I'm planning on making up a bunch of these in size Medium. I have tons of newborn dipes already.(this one is a small/newborn) I'm thinking that they will be really easy for dad, grandma, etc. Because they are All In One. No seperate anything to worry about. You just put it on the baby. I will also make some with the side snapping that is original to the pattern.
I can't wait to try all my dipes on our little man when he arrives. Then I can take lots of action shots and review all the patterns that I've made dipes from.

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