Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Fording 4th Street" - June Rain Storm

Last Wednesday a huge rain storm dumped on us for over an hour. I've seen rain like this before. But never for so long. It rained and rained like the sky was dumping a months worth of water on us leaving our cold-a-sac flooding with water. Thunder and lightening could also be heard and seen.

My husband was driving home from work when it started. He said that he saw this big black cloud right over our town by the time he got off the freeway, cars were “fording 4th street”. He got home safely and we watched it continue to downpour through dinner.
After over an hour of rain it finally stopped. Two of our neighbor kids came out and were playing in the mote left by the storm. Equipped with rain boots, crocs and *no coats.... the kids went outside, AMA (against mom's advice). Alaina was just getting over a fever and it was still looking stormy outside. I was imaging lightening striking our tree and Alaina getting pneumonia. But with daddy saying “they will be fine... loosen up... they went out.
I have to admit that even though I was a bit cross at my hubby for letting them out in that weather, they had a great time. The water in the cold-a-sac was so deep that it reached past their ankles. Deep enough to sit and lay in. They splashed, jumped, and rolled around having a blast. As the water was very very slowly making it's way down the drain grates, the girls decided to build a dam. Using 2x4's that were against the curb and some pulled weeds they went to work. It worked for a while. It did start raining again and by then they were soaking wet and cold. A warm bath and comfy jamies made for very happy and tired girls.
In closing I just wanted to say that it's June.... I know it's still technically spring, but our weather has been sooo off lately. This type of rain, this time of year is kinda strange. Yesterday it was hot, very sunny and gorgeous. Today it's overcast and a bit windy... but warm. Weird.

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