Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeme - The Birdling

We were out grilling tonight when Alaina heard a funny noise. She said she heard a tap noise next to her and when she turned around she saw this tiny tiny little bird laying on the ground. We all went over to take a peek. It looked dead to me so I went into the house and got a paper napkin to pick it up with. I figured the girls would want to bury it and I know I certainly couldn't keep that tiny little thing out there like that. So, I picked it up in the napkin. It still looked dead. Alaina went inside to get a trowel to dig a small hole. And, we all went over to the tree next to our backyard fence and she started digging a hole. Then... it moved. Not much, but it moved it's little tiny wing.
The girls and I took it into the house and I looked online for what I should do with the poor little thing. I then placed it in a tupperware bowl and placed a washcloth over it so it could still breath, but it would also be warmer. Then I placed my work light (it gets quite warm) above it for extra heat. I said we should give it a name, something about how see through it is. And, Rachel said "Seeme". Love it. The girls kept vigil over it while we finished making dinner. With the warmth the baby bird started moving more and even rolled a bit so it's belly was closer to the warmth. I don't think I've seen Rachel sit so still before for so long.

We ate dinner and after my hubby started looking up how to care for it. I already had the number for the Animal Control and the Human Society, but they were both closed... so I was planning to call them tomorrow. Anyways...about 30 min later, little birdy took it's last breaths. I noticed that it's breathing became very labored and we could see extra blood pooling in it's little belly. Sad.... but we were expecting it. After it died we buried it under the tree and Alaina made a headstone for it with a rock and a sharpie.
We think it was some kind of sparrow or swallow. We have lots of those in the yard. We couldn't find an nest anywhere and it fell right next to our stair by the door. So, it's a mystery as to how it got there. Total in length this little one was 3cm long and were thinking it couldn't have been more than a day old.

Kinda cute and sad all at the same time. Those girls have the best hearts and are so loving. And, me being pregnant and all maternal had to keep from crying in front of the girls when it died. Anyways... I just had to share our adventure.

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