Monday, June 14, 2010

28 Weeks 4 Days!

Another month has gone by. Our little man is very steadily growing. On Saturday night he "dropped". I felt him moving around like I've never felt before on Saturday night and when I woke up Sunday morning I looked down and thought, "Where did my baby go!?" My midwife said today that he turned himself around and is now head down in preparation for birth. She still thinks he's going to come early. Maybe closer to 37 weeks. He's been jabbing, juggling, and bumping into everything inside my body lately. But overall I'm feeling good. I haven't gain any weight yet. Yeah! Their records say I lost 9 lbs in the beginning of my pregnancy and so far I've only gained 5 back. No name yet.... Were thinking maybe Conner, Cael, Canton, Caden, Caenen, or Cedric.
If I look exhausted in these photos it's because our oldest had a sleepover with 6 friends on Friday night (they were up past 3:30am, which means so was I) and then my youngest had a fever on Saturday night and on Sunday night.... Yeah, I'm tired.

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