Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woolyhands & Scrappy Fluff

More fibery goodness arrived in my mailbox today. First up are two gorgeous rovings from Woolyhands on etsy. The pink and gold one called "Regal Shades" is BFL and 3.5oz. And the blue and green one called "Dancin In The Street" is Merino and 4.25oz. Bothg so yummy and soft. She included a nice little sachet of lavender with a pin that says "I Love Handmade". I can't wait to sit down and spin these babies up. I'm not sure what I'll use the yarn for you. I know that I want to make both girls some winter wear. Especially a balaclava and some leg warmers. I would make mittens, but the girls seam to loose them at school, so for now I think I'll be staying with store bought ones. Both these rovings would make super cute balaclava's and I'll only need about 200 yards of worsted weight to make one. Just in case you can't see my link and you don't know what a balaclava is.... it's a hat and scarf in one. They are also sometimes called a helmet liner. My girls don't like dealing with scarfs and my oldest hates wearing a hat. So this will be perfect for them.

These are some awesome scrappies! I joined a swap where I sent in 2 4oz. braids of my rovings (as well as about 30 other people) and then I received 8oz. of bits and pieces of what other people sent in. They are intended to be used for making a scrappy yarn or to use in felting. I got 20 little balls in a rainbow of colors and tons of different types of fibers. I wish I knew what each one is. Some of these are sinfully soft and luxurious. All are next to skin soft so once spun up I will use these for something intended for next winter. Maybe even a pair of socks!

I'm feeling horid today so I think I may go and sit by the window to spin. The trees are releasing their cottony pollen stuff that is making my allergies so nasty. Awww...springy summery weather is upon us.

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idyll hands said...

Hey - I just found this. Thanks so much for featuring my rovings. I'm glad you liked them :)