Monday, June 22, 2009

June Phat Fiber Sampler Box

My box finally arrived today. I thought it would arrive on Friday, then Saturday, and by Sunday I just had to wait until Monday. I was sooo happy to see the box today. My camera batteries died before I got even one picture. I didn't want to wait to open it, so I opened my box and dug through it and then took these pictures “staged” later. I know... I'm bad. I just couldn't wait!

This month's box is insane! I thought for sure that I would have a few things to trade out, but no. I love absolutely everything. The colors, fibers, and misc items all made me smile like a fool. I'm still smiling like a fool. I still haven't spun up the samples from last month and I'm glad that I didn't. Because the stuff from this month added to the stuff from last month will make some awesome yarn. I just have to pair it all up and make some baby skeins. And, some of the yarn samples will go great with last months as well which will allow me to do some bigger projects. Anyways... here is what all came.

1 - – Herbal Moth Repellent – Smells awesome!
2 - – Secret Identity Mask in Knit or Crochet Pattern
3 - – Briny Sea Cowl Knit Pattern – I'm so glad I got this pattern.
4 - – Button Adoration Ceramic Button – drool.....
5 - – Adorable Koi stitch marker – so stinkin cute
6 - – Blue stitch marker
7 - Misc. business cards and discount coupons
8 - Pirate map and little message in bottle
9 - - “Misty Lagoon” handspun with beads!

10 - - “Deep Blue Sea” Sock yarn – lovelovelove
11 - - “Siren Call” Fingering wt. SW Merino/Seacell – gorgeous!
12 - - “Champange Pearls” Fingering wt. 3Ply Handspun merino/tencel so pretty!
13 - - “Sandy Beach” SW Wool & Nylon yarn – huge sample, I love these colors.
14 - - “Great Barrier Reef” Merino lace yarn- so insanely soft.
15 - – Lucky Sock “Iceberg” yarn.
16 - - “Clearwater” Handspun single merino/tencel – I have to say...this is my favorite yarn in the box. I can't stop looking at it.
17 - – Fiber Batt
18 - – Dyed Mohair
19 – “Woodland Forest” Hand dyed wool roving
20 - - “Sea Breeze” wool and mohair roving
21 - - “Mermaid Beach” 100% Baby Alpaca – yummy!
22 - - “Lost at Sea” 100% New Zealand Merino – so pretty and soft!
23 - - “Mermaid's Home” Hand Dyed Merino – love this one
24 - – 4 samples of their natural dyed rovings... this one is my favorite fluff of this month. I may have to buy some of this stuff. It's awesome.

I also received a dozen or so of these post cards with the Phat Fiber Sampler info on the back. I'm sure these are handed out like flyers and such. At first I didn't realize why she had sent me so many.... until I took a closer look at the photo. My handspun is in there! Very cool.


Alpaca Granny said...

Thanks for sharing with us.

My8kidsmom said...

Oooh It is so fun to see who gets my samples!!! Big hugs!