Monday, June 1, 2009

Tinkerbell & Pirates

Rachel had her friend birthday party this weekend. I can't believe she's 6! We had it at home we had a total of 11 of her friends from school. She wanted a Tinkerbell party, which was lots of fun to plan. We had both girls and boys attending, so I decided to have a treasure hunt where the boys would find pirate items and the girls would find fairy items. In the end I had enough of both for the kids to have all of the items. The "treasures" were a pirate eye, fairy crown (even some of the boys wanted these) flower wands, compass's, and jewels. It was a fun morning. After my hubby and I had most of the day to relax, clean up, and rest. It's amazing how exhausting it is planning a party. I cleaned and prepared all week long for just 1.5 hours of party. Totally worth it when we saw all those happy kids and a very very happy daughter.

*The photograph is of the cupcakes that I frosted for the party. I was so pleased with them that I had to take pictures. They looked fantastic on the table and most of the moms jaws dropped when they found out that I frosted them. I saw a technique on youtube and went for it.

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