Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Regency Bug

I've had inspiration lately to make Regency style clothing for my dolls. I've done so much research about the construction, materials, styles, etc. I blogged about my first attempt at a Regency gown back in March. Since then I have knit a shawl and taken better pics of that dress. And, I just finished a new dress in white for my 43cm Narae.

Both gowns are made of cotton. The grey one is a wrap front dress and closes at the waist with a snap. Totally not period, but I saw a lot of wrap front dresses that closed with drawstrings and such. It has wine colored trim and I knit up a triangle scarf with some white reclaimed wool and cashmere yarn. I do love this dress. With a few modifications the next one will be even better.
This white dress has been making me drool all week. I'm sooo sooo pleased with how it came out. As an artist I rarely look at something that I've done and said "perfect!". I always see something that could be improved upon next time. Not with this dress. I love everything about it. It's made with white cotton. (actually it's a 300 thread count Ralph Lauren sheet) The dress started as a test pattern for a commission that I have. I loved the fit so much I decided to add a skirt to it. And, then I decided to add a white cotton gauze type fabric as an outer skirt. The outer skirt has a silver thread woven through it. It's so pretty. The top of the bodice has a drawstring so it can be gathered and then it laces down the back. The shawl is a white embroidered hankie.
Also I wanted to mention that neither of my girls are wearing the proper undergarments. A proper corset is in the making.

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