Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comin' Down From The Buzz.....

We had a very very full house most of the weekend. By 11:00am today the verberating (I think that's a word lol ) noise of the house finally bottomed out. The constant buzz in my head from jugging extra kids, an extra (and very rambunctious) dog, and everything else has started to go away. Moms out there.... you know what I mean!

I finally got a chance to look through a box that arrived for me yesterday. I was soooo hoping that it was my Phat Fiber box. But, instead it was my Sheep Shed Studios order! I'm glad to have more fiber in the house to dye up and a full pound of misc. dyed wools to throw through my drum carder. I've made up 6 batts so far. No pics yet, maybe tomorrow. But, they are yummy!

Fathers.... Yeah, it's father's day. With my dad so far away and the extra commotion it kinda got passed by. The girls made darling cards and I made one of my hubbies favorite dinners. It's been a somewhat quite day actually once the house calmed down. He's been fixing his truck, the girls actually played nicely together and I got to use my drum carder.

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