Monday, January 26, 2009

So Much Spinning...So Little Time

We had a quiet weekend. Something very uncommon in my house. The weather was chilly outside, the house was clean, the kids were playing nice, and I had nothing that I "had" to get done. So, I spun... and spun... and spun... And, I read... and read... and read. And, I loved every minute of it. Here are the fruits of my spinning labor.

I finished spinning the last of the brown mill ends which included a caramel color not pictured in my last post. With my three spools of browns I decided to ply them all together creating a wonderfully bulky lofty yarn. It made up 1 huge skein with 60 yards and one smaller skein with 30 yards. It's a super bulky wt. with about 6 wpi. When I ran out of the caramel colored single, I plied together the chocolate and cream colored ones. This made a heavy worsted wt. yarn with approx 24 yards. Then when I ran out of the cream, I plied together the remaining chocolate. This one is worsetd wt. with 50 yards.

On saturday morning I received my Artclub batt and roving that I ordered. I love getting stuff in the mail. It's like Christmas. I received a 4.5oz roving in "beach" colorway. And, a surprise batt that had a .5oz green batt and a little bag chocked full of sari silk pieces, and locks. The surprise batt is soo pretty. There is a lot of sparkle and colors. I spun this one up. I wanted to keep the length of the yarns, so I plied it with some gold thread. It's spun thick and thin and has 103.5 yards.
I began spinning up some of the mill ends that I dyed last week. I started with the red/pink/plum colored one. I'm calling this one "Valentine". The top photo shows the yarn with the flash and the one below is with natural light. I think the bottom one shows the colors best. There is almost 6 oz of this total to spin, so I think I will by plying this one on itself to make heavy worsted yarn.

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