Friday, January 23, 2009

All In A Weeks Work

Over the past week or so I kept feeling like I just wasn't getting anything done. I was browsing crafster and found the new “Fiber Friday” thread and decided that I should take pictures of the yarns that I made this week and the fibers that I dyed. Upon doing so I realized that I did manage to spin 5 bobbin fulls of yarn and dyed 4 different mill ends. Actually, the purple yarn I spun up almost 2 weeks ago, but I took it off the bobbin (not easy at all) and measured how much of it there is the other day. And, I did finish 5 pairs of jeans for commissions.

I had to smile to myself... I did do something this week. And, I'm going to do more tonight. I'm planning on plying the two brown yarns still on the bobbin together and possible start spinning up the fibers that I dyed.

I just wanted to add one more thing. I was totally weak and bought some gorgeous handdyed rovings and a surprise batt from etsy seller artclub that I have been drooling over for months. It's in the mail and should be here by Monday. I can't wait.

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Ally said...

You did a lot! Your yarn is beautiful and looks so soft!