Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick Nightdress Recon

So, my mom and I went to the local thrift store this last Monday. On Monday's certain colored tags are only $1.28. I found a few things. Mostly sweaters to unravel and one leather coat that my mom found. (an amazing find) One of the things I found was this simple slip dress made of brown knit fabric. It was adult size medium with what look liked a bleach stain down near the bottom. For $1.28 I grabbed it and decided to recon it into a nightdress for my oldest daughter. (she's 7 and is very petite) She loves nightdress's and is growing like crazy, so I thought this dress may last a while. I shortened it up and cut the straps. I tied the cut straps to shorten them. (which can be retied as she grows) She specifically asked for a heart on the front. So, I cut two different colored corduroy hears and put them on the front of the dress. It all took me about 20 min to do. She absolutely loves it, and I will definitely be making more of these.

Photos show before and after. In the before, my 4 year old is holding up the dress. It was very long.

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