Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple PETE 1 Gallon Jar Labels

This is a tutorial for some very very simple labels for your food storage jars. 

Step One:  Measure the place that you want your label to go.  In my case it was the lid of my containers.

Step Two:  Cut out your labels.  For mine I used my circle cutter and cut out white cardstock at 3" circles and a fun paper for the background at 3 3/8".
Step Three:  Label and draw on your labels.  I just used a sharpie and drew some crud pics of what was in each jar.  My daughter then colored them in.  You could print yours out if you wanted.

Step Four:  Place your white cardstock with labeling on your background paper.  I used my handy Zyron sticker maker.  

Step Five:  Use tape, or in my case my Zyron sticker maker and attach your labels to your containers.

Done!  See... Super easy and cute to boot.

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