Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mommy Dairy

Back in late January I was in the kitchen making dinner. Rachel was on the floor playing with Cael while he jumped in his jumper. She asked me for some string cheese and while she was eating it, I hear her saying to Cael...

Rachel To Cael: "Do you like cheese Cael?"
Cael: Cute co-oing and happy noises
Rachel to Cael: "I bet when you get older you'll love cheese. Well, maybe not. But, right now your only getting mommy dairy."

I immediately started laughing which startled Cael and made Rachel look up at me wondering what was so funny. Mommy Dairy.... only my Ray would think of something like that. I wrote down what she had said so I could remember it right. That girl just makes me smile. So creative and loving. And, I thought some of you might like a giggle!

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