Thursday, April 28, 2011

LDD's & Altered Fattycakes - Plus A Review Of ZorbII

I finally received some ZorbII from a very sweet mamma over on the Diaper Sewing Divas Forum.  Wazoodle is the only company that makes it.  And, it's been out of stock forever!  Anyways... The boy has been needing some good fitting AI2's so I got started when my ZorbII arrived.  My favorite 2 patterns are the Fattycakes and the LDD's.  I've altered both to fit my little man.

LDD's.  My favorite daytime diaper that I don't have near enough of.  These are all Medium Longs... meaning that I added some length to the rise.  I also cut the pattern at a bit of an angle on the fold so the front would have a pinch more width.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  The fit is perfect, they don't leak, they are so easy to use, and hubby loves them too!  I will be making another 12 or so of these and then I'm planning on thinning out his current stash of diapers in favor or these.

The above two (lime green and the space one) are with the same pattern but I use FOE and made them AI1's.   They were so big on his thighs!  I'm hopping these will fit him when he is needing trainers.  I know they will fit eventually... but it's a bummer that they don't fit now because I love how easy they came together and how cute they are.

Fattycakes.  My hubby likes front snapping diapers best, so I altered the pattern to be a front snapper instead of a side snapper.  Both of these are for nighttime with a total of 4 layers or ZorbII.  After many uses I have yet to have any leaks.  One is made with 2 layers of fleece and the other is PUL & Suedecloth.  I prefer the PUL one and will make 2 more.  I did add another snap to the wings after this photo was taken.

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