Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is It Wrong To Get So Excited About Containers?

Last month my hubby got a gallon size plastic container of pretzels at the store. (the red lid one) During some random reading about food storage, I ran into a lengthy post about using PETE (this is the type of plastic that the container is. it's marked with a 1 on the bottom of the container) 1 gallon containers for storage. The pretzel container was one of these! When the pretzels were gone my hubby washed it out and it became a new home for our oats. I knew I wanted more, but I didn't really look into it much. Then my hubby came home from Wallymart with three new containers! They sell these containers for a whooping $2.97 each. Apparently he had to ask a lady who was filling her cart with these containers if he could maybe have a few. He said that she hesitated and asked if he would be ok with just 3. LOL!!! Sign of the times or what?! I've been to Wallymart twice since then looking to see if they had restocked. Finally on Monday they had! I bought every one they had. 9 of them. But, when I got home I only had 8. I think I must have left one on the bottom of the cart. Urrrgggg......

Just look at them on the counter drying. I couldn't wait to fill them up. They now live on our shelves full of dry goods. Aren't they pretty? I'll be doing a tut in the next post for the labels I made.

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