Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Rapunzel" Scarf Swap

I love doing swaps. This one was called the " Rapunzel" Scarf Swap. I sent 6 (we were only required to send 5, but I wanted to send an extra) 10 foot strands of different fibers, ie: yarns, ribbons, or fabric strips to 5 different people. In return, they also sent me 5 10 foot strands or fibers. I received a few packages with more than 5 fibers, so I ended up with 38 fibers for my scarf.

To make the scarf you divide up the fibers evenly into 3 strands so you can braid them all together. I added on piece from my own stash to make 3 even strands of 13 fibers each. I divided up the fibers by color and texture so that each "strand" had some of each. I then had my daughter hold the end so I could braid the verrrry long strands together into this awesome scarf. I opted ot leave the ends long so I could see and play with all those yummy fibers. Isn't it pretty!! For my color scheme I asked for blues, greens, and plums. Those seem to be my colors lately. I LOVE this scarf.. have I mentioned that yet? I have my youngest modeling it for me. I was covered in paint (yep.. we painted that ugly downstairs bathroom yesterday) so I didn't look quite right for pictures.

I'm sure by now your starting to see how much of a fiber freak I am. I will be making more of these. I really want to use some of my handspun yarns that I have lying around... not to mention all the ribbon and acrylic yarn that I have.

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Gerbilgal said...

How long were the strands to make the scarf?