Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finished Bathroom

Two weekends ago my hubby and I decided to finally finish the downstairs bathroom. Last spring when we painted the rest of the downstairs, we started the bathroom but never finished.

The before shots were taken in progress of painting the ceiling. But, it gives a good idea of what it looked liked before. My mother called this bathroom "the cave". The ceiling and walls were all painted the same deep red / burgundy color as the rest of the front room and hallway. But, with the ceiling painted too, it was very dark. The room also had one of those standard "bathroom" light fixtures that so many houses have. You know... the metal rectangle with the all the vanity bulbs in a row. Yuck!!! I very much dislike those things. And, when we removed it to install the new fixture there was a painted box around the space where the fixture was removed. The previous owners must have painted this bathroom at least 3 times before. So, my hubby had to sand down that area and re-texture. What a mess! And, I won't even get started on my massive disdain for that mirror. We have replaced that hideous mirror with a beautiful new one.

We painted the room with the same khaki color as the rest of the hallway and front room and painted the ceiling white. Then, we repainted the trim and cabinet our creamy white trim color. There were parts of the trim that the previous owners never even painted.

There are now just three more things to finish in here. #1 is to fix the light fixture. With the mirror centered over the faucet and cabinet, the light is waaaay off center. #2 is to buy and install a new towel rack for above the toilet. And, I'm putting a single hanging space right next to the sink so my girls have easy access to a towel. #3 is to accessorize. I'll hang black towels in here and maybe an accessory or two. Luckily one of my favorite pictures that I have in here pulls in the pastel pink that is our counter top.

I'm sooo glad now that it's finished. The bathroom looks so clean, bright, and updated. It's actually really inspiring me to go upstairs and finish painting the trim. I'm done babbling now... But, I'll leave with just one thought... Why would any housing building put a pastel pink counter top into a brand new home?

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