Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inherited Craftiness

I often get asked "Where do you get your "craftiness" and creativity from?" Well... the answer to that one simple. My parents. Both of them are very talented people who have a broad range of things that they are good at. My father is a woodworker / boat repairer and maker / home remodeler / engineer. And, my mother is a seamstress / painter / drawer / decorator / metal worker / home remodeler.

Growing up my father was always building one thing or another. The fist that I can remember is a doll house that he and built for me. I don't have pictures of it. It's in the attic right now. But, it's beautiful. My mother helped with the interior decorating and it lights up. Christmas of 94' I received a beautiful "treasure" box to hold all my treasures. It's currently being used as my sewing box. Another one of his works is a large art trunk that holds my yarn and artwork. Both pieces are solid wood and have great details. My eldest already has eyes for my "treasure" box. But, she'll have to wait quite a while before it gets handed down to her.

My mother's artistic-ness is mostly geared tword sewing and painting. Now. I'll admit that I missed the painting gene. I can't hold a candle to her talent in that department. Shown are just two of her more recent works of art. One shows my family walking the beach a few summers ago. It's hanging above my bed. The colors in real life are much more vibrant and there is a lot of details that the camera just didn't pick up. Also currently on display next to the front door is a painting of my daughters walking side by side on a trail. This one catches my breath every time I look at it. It looks exactly like the photo that I had taken that day.

This Norman Rockwell embroidery work was done just before I was born for my nursery. So much detail and work went into this piece.

So, now that the question has been answered all that's left to do is say "Thanks mom and dad".

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Ally said...

Wow! Your dad does very nice woodwork, & your mom... I'm speechless, those paintings are just awesome!