Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craft Room Update!

After the whole “Painting Fiasco” back in May, we finally settled on a color called “Newport Blue”. It's really pretty. The color goes from our office / art room through to the kitchen. I'm using apple green and bits of plum as my accent colors. Curtains still need to be made and I'll post pics of the rest of my art space after I finish that.

I did finish one wall of my art room. Yep. A completely finished wall!!! Yesterday my parents brought over a drafting table for me. I love this table. It has a bit of family history and to make a long story short... It's now mine! It'll make the best cutting table. Originally this wall had the doll cabinet and a storage unit that had some of my fabric in it. I broke the unit into two pieces and put it down under the table on either side. I'm hoping to find a better place for my fabrics sometime because I really like the look of “nothing” under the table. But, for now it works great.

I fussed for hours over the placement of the photos and fabric swatch thingies. I'm happy with it now. I'm really proud of the cd storage shelf that I painted. I painted it the same white as everything else in the room and then painted on a floral design that I kinda stole from a fabric that I absolutely love. The best part is that my hubby likes it!! He's usually not a floral fan. Next to the table is a window where I have Mason Jars with buttons divided by color. Under that is a two drawer dresser unit. It to has fabric and some patterns in it.

I've been so motivated the past few weeks to really clear out and finish my house. It's definitely a one step forward and one step back process. My goal for this week is to finish the curtains in the art room and kitchen and go through two more boxes that we found in the garage with “stuff” in them.


princessmama said...

Cleaning and organizing sure is a lot of work lol:) I've been looking around at all my clutter lately and thinking it would really be great to trim down...a lot! But, I haven't got to far yet. I like that cd storage, makes me want to get painting(if I could find my stuff lol)

What brought me here was your pics of felt food. I've been planning to make my boys some for christmas and have been cruising around looking for ideas. Such cute stuff everywhere, I am definitely inspired!

bperry042 said...

It sure is!! But, all the hard work is sooo worth it. I've been trying to trim down my stuff, but I've really only gotten rid of about 5% of my stuff. I still have more to go through.

My girls still love their felt foods that I have made for them. I'm sure your boys would love some too. If you have any questions or need any help just let me know.