Monday, January 28, 2008

Waking Up To Snow

Woke up this morning to a phone call from my hubby saying that there was no school. In a sleepy daze I pealed open my eyes to see snow covering the rooftops. I listened as he talked about the terrible traffic conditions and the 1.5 hrs. he'd been sitting in the car trying to get to work. I sat up enough to see that the fences and yards covered in about 5” of snow. I wanted to go and wake up my girls but my better judgment decided to sit and enjoy it while I was talking with my hubby. Not long after we hung up my youngest came pouncing in the room, thrilled to see the snowfall. Today reminded me how much I love the snow as a child. Of how great snow days were. My daughters and I had hot chocolate and played with paper dolls most of the day. The photo is of the tree next to our driveway.


'Nista said...

Wow...great snow pic! I'm from up North and sometimes I miss the snow. But only for about 5 seconds. ;)

Stay Warm!

bperry042 said...

Thanks 'nista!! I wish it would snow a bit more than it does. But, if it snowed for months I would probably get tired of it.