Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hand spun, Hand knit, Stuff Bag

I finally got around to knitting up something with my first ever spun yarns. (see previous post about those) I decided to make a free form tote. I started by knitting a square, then picked up all stitches around. I ended up knitting this bag twice. The first time, I knit a full square about 9”. By the time I ran out of yarn the sides of the bag was only about 7” tall. Oops!!! I decide to undo all but half of the original square and use the remaining rectangle as the base. I knew I needed more yarn If I wanted to bag to be deeper. So I went to the store and bought 100% wool thick and thin yarn. I stopped knitting when I ran out of my hand spun yarns. The bag is pretty tall now. About 14” or so. I then through it in the washing machine to felt it a bit. I was surprised that it didn't shrink more. I pulled some chocolate brown denim to use for the lining. I'm planning on making the bag have a divider inside with some pockets. I'm also thinking about paining the handles another color. The plan for the bag so far is to use it as a knitting tote.... But, my plans seem to change often, so we'll see.

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