Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Milo, 198 Yards Of Heaven, A Knights Costume & Baby Booties

I'm still knitting like crazy.  During all my "spare" time.  (I say spare very lightly because as any busy parent knows, there really isn't any spare time.  I sneak knitting time when the boys are happily playing in the yard, or in the evenings when all the kids are finally down for the night, or when I'm in a waiting room or on a car ride.) Anyways, I've started much but only finished a few simple things. All links go to my Ravelry page in case you want yarn, pattern, and size specifics.

First is a Milo.  I'm actually making two.  One for each boy, but I've only started on Cael's.  He's 4 now, but I cast on the size 3 as that is what he is measuring out to be.  I'm going with a grey theme for both. Cael's will be dark grey on top with grey and a multi grey stripping all the way down. And, instead of doing a cable I'm going to do a half linen stitch.  I think it'll blend the sold and multi really nicely and just give good texture.  For Liam's I'll either do a dark or light grey top and I'm going to incorporate some teal multi in there somewhere.  Most likely a stripe.  And, his will have the half linen stitch as well.  He will be an 18m or so.  He's a big guy!
198 Yards of Heaven.  And, it certainly was!  Right now it looks like something a toddler would wear.  It's soooo tiny.  I added extra to the lace edge.  I still have a wee bit of yarn left to use on a trim on matching fingerless gloves.  I'm going to block excessively and hope for a nice size to just wrap around my neck.  The yarn is sinful.  I've had it for over a year and I was just waiting for the right project.  The colors match my new coat perfectly so it was a pattern/yarn/garment match made in heaven.
I've cast on another for my MIL for Christmas.  I think she will love this as she wears lots of scarfs and things.  I'm going to do an extra repeat of the first lace pattern and extra to the bottom lace as well.  I know I'll need more yarn, so I'm thinking a purple to match as the bottom lace.

A Knights Costume.  This is for Cael for Christmas.  It's a "chainmaille" tunic and hood.  It looks a bit big and stretches like crazy.  But, I think it'll work and goodness knows kids grow fast.  We will get him a wooden shield and paint it blue. (probably from etsy) And I'll make him a sheath to hold his wooden sword that he has.

Baby Booties for the Babe.  He is getting so big. Fall is definitely here and he needs some warm booties.  I tried this pattern and altered it to use worsted yarn.  I was off in my calculations (shocker there!) and it's not going to fit him until next winter.  So, I'll finish the other one and cast on again in the smaller size for a fit that should be good now.

I have so many knitty plans for the next months.  I'm bursting with ideas and excited to have so many things already done for the holidays.

*On a stash note: I'm not sure if I ever posted here that I wanted to use mostly stash this year.  It was kinda a new years resolution.  All my knitting has certainly waned my collection of yarn.  I'll need to look at exact pounds used.  But, I do know this.  I'm down 1.5 drawers and at least 1/2 of a large rubbermaid tote.  That is crazy!

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