Monday, March 17, 2014

My Favorite Room In The House

The boys room.  It's my current favorite room in the house.  In our first home my daughters got a fresh nursery with pale blue walls, and fluffy clouds on the ceiling.  When we moved to our next house, they each got their own "big girl" rooms.  When Cael came I was really uninspired with his room.  He was taking over what was Ray's room so it had pale yellow walls and pistachio green trim.  I knew we would be moving and didn't want to completely repaint it.  I posted about that nursery here.  It was cute... but not awesome.  For this house I knew exactly what I wanted the nursery to be.  Grey with blue, orange, and green accents. With a trains, planes, and automobile theme.  I wanted it to be fun for Cael but still cutesy for Liam.  All that's left to do in this room is make the curtain for the closet.  That will be done while my folks are here this next week.  I love love love this room.  So perfect for my sweet boys.
It's a small space, but it works.  On the wall next to the door is the changing table and Liam's crib.  He is still sleeping in our room, but he plays in his crib sometimes.  He will transition into here in the next month or so. It was a rainy day so the pics are a bit dull.  But the walls are a nice medium grey.  Lovely....  The art behind the changing table was made my by mom and I.  We found the wooden shaped at JoAnnes and painted them.  Then just hot glued them to some canvases that we also painted.
 Liam's crib is so filled with love.  The crochet blanket is one my grandmother made for our babies.  The cute fishie quilt was made for Liam by my mom. The black and white print was made by Ray for Liam's X-Mas gift and finally the doll was made by me for Cael... it's Liam's now.
 Cael's side of the room boasts the awesome rocking chair a shelf, wall decals and his crib.  Under his crib is the rug I crocheted up last year.  It was a labor of love that thing.  It weighs a ton, but boy is it cute!  On Cael's crib there is the robots quilt that I made him last year.
 Another shot of Cael's bed, but this one shows the cute wall decals.
The closet and then the small wall by the door.  Both the shelf and frames I found at thrift stores. I painted the shelf.  I printed off photos of each of the boys at 1week old.  I can't believe how different they were/are!

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