Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crazy Knitting Lady

With snowy weather and little ones in the house, there is only one thing left to do..... Knit!

For the next year or so I won't have a good place to sew so I've decided to embrace my knitting crocheting and spinning.  I found all boxes with yarn and spinning supplies tucked in the unfinished downstairs and found homes for it all in our very cramped upstairs living area.  Totally worth it though.  People will just have to live with yarnny goodness all over the  house!

So, what am I knitting?  Well, I'm working on both selfish knitting and Christmas knitting.  With all that went on last year I ended up having not a single handmade gift to give this last Christmas.  I know... horrible right!  It felt so wrong this year.  So, I'm starting way early this year.  Anyways... some of it will be for certain peopl and some things I'll just make and decide later who it will go to.  Check out my Ravelry page for more details on any of these projects.

Freshest off my needles are these darling Foxes.  The pattern is by Little Cotton Rabbits.  If you have never been over to her blog, stop by.  Her knit animals are drool worthy and her blog is a great read.  She sells her patterns on Ravelry and Etsy.  I loved very minute of knitting these two.  I never wanted to put my needles down. I used stash yarn for everything except their main fur color.  That I bought special.  These two I won't be keeping.  I really want to, but they have a dear friends name written all over them.
Selfish knitting:  Cloche Divine Hat. I used some stash Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I've had forever.  The color is amazing and it's crazy soft. The pattern was fun to knit and the resulting hat is really cute on.  I had a tiny bit of yarn left over so I found some co-ordinating  yarn and made my own pattern.  I'll be writting it out and posting it for free soon.

Currently on my needles are this GapTastic cowl and the below Sheepy Bag.  The Sheepy bag will be totally cute when it's done, but the yarn is hard on my hands so it'll get finished slowely.  The cowl is flying off the needles.  It'll get a matching hat and will be a Christmas gift.

I finished this crochet basket for my supplies last month.  It sits next to my knitting chair and holds tons of goodies.  This was a great stash busting project and I think I'll make some more for gifts.
Hat for my darling eldest daughter.  She never asks for knitted things so I was thrilled to make her a winter hat.  It's made of acrylic as she hates wool, but at least it's a hat that she'll wear!

Finally still on needles are three pair of socks. I know...for shame!  The bottom two have been left unfinished for at least 2 years.  The top pair I started in September.  I do love these, so they will most likely be the first finished.

I know I'm missing something, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is.  I guess it'll be for another post.  For now, the babe is sleeping, the boy is playing nicely, and the girls are out with friends. So, I'm off to knit!

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