Friday, July 20, 2012

Sewing Week With My Mom

My mom and dad came up for a whole week of sewing last month.  It was the first time since they moved that mom and I have been able to really work on things together.  It was so great.  We chatted, played with the kids, and sewed, sewed, sewed.  It really was awesome now much we got done.

My mom asked the girls to each design something to sew up.  Ali used some graph paper to design a quilt top.  About 20 minutes later she came in with a "Tetris" quilt top.  Mom and her chose colors from both our stashes and they got that thing sewed up that afternoon.  Mom quilted it and I added the words "Tetris" in different colors around the border.  The backing was some sock monkey flannel that I've had.  It turned out really cute. (tetris quilt is on the right)

Mom made up a sea life & bugs jar quilt.  She had some super cute fabrics stashed away for this one.  Black background, and red and yellow sashing made this top sooo cute.  She got this thing cut, back pieced, quilted, and bound in the week she was here.

Rachel designed a pillow top.  She picked out her favorite prints from our scrap boxes and mom sewed it up for her.  Mom quilted it and I put the pillow backing together to finish it up.  She loves it and has taken it to all her slumber parties so far this summer.
Mom also started her all reds quilt.  These were big blocks in all reds.  She's making it a queen size I think for their guest room.  I think she had 10 or so blocks done before she left.  What did I make?  Well... I mostly finished this up.  I added the purple border to my Terrain quilt.  And, added the sashing to Cael's Robot Factory quilt.  Then I pieced up 2 of the 3 vintage sheets lap throw tops.  Finally I started working on Ali's quilt.  It's from Sunday Morning Quilts.  I need to piece together 200+blocks for this one.  I'll make a seperate post on that one later.

Above is a pile of most of our finished goodness.  From bottom to top: Tetris Quilt finished, Jar Quilt finished, Robot Factory top, 2 Vintage Sheet tops, Terrain top, and Ray's pillow.
Mom and I at the end of our week.  Tired, but very happy to have had such a great week.  I'm hoping to do this more often.  Now that Cael is bigger I'm hoping to drive down to her on a weekend some time. 

Oh... and you may ask what Curtis and my dad were doing this whole week.  Well... Curtis had the week off so he and dad went shopping to some stores that Dad doesn't have down by him.  The worked on the cars, and read books, etc.  General guy stuff.

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