Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Pie Fashions Has Re-Opened!

 I've taken a two year break from commissions and dollies in general.  Lately though I've felt like I needed something of my own again.  I decided to open up for commissions again on the Den Of Angels forum and I've been very pleased and tickled with the response. I've had 2 commissions so far and am working out details for two more.  All in just 19 days! 

Here are pictures of a set I made for Lati doll Rucus.  It included a pair of black slacks, jeans and a black shirt.
 I've closed down my old My Pie Fashions website and have decided to just use my old blog.  My hubby made me a new banner and some great icons and such. I'll keep this one for family stuff and all other artisticness that I'm doing.  Including the 3 quilts that I need to finish and a heap of kids summer clothing to make.

For now I just wanted to say... Yeah!!!  I do so love to sew for dolls.

Bonus picture of the Hero Of Canton.  Just cause he makes me smile.

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