Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soft Sole Baby Shoes Update

I did give it another go yesterday with more soft sole / robeez like baby shoes. I chose to make them with simple flannel this time. No stretch to deal with. They turned out sooo cute. I love them. I fussy cut the tops to have a cute monkey on each foot. I also fussy cut the soles. One has a giraffe and the other has an elephant. They are lined with flannel too.
My next pair was some denim ones with faux leather on the bottoms. These turned out great too. For some reason they are a tad bit bigger than the others... I have no idea why. They too are lined with flannel. I love these because they will match anything.
As soon as I get a chance I'm going to get really brave and try some leather ones. I have some really nice suede and leather pieces that I got from a local tannery. They sell "scrap" leather by the pound super cheap. I'll post pics of those when I'm done. Again, my reborn baby doll is modeling for me. He/She has small feet compared to a real baby.

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The After Craft said...

I love the monkeys! Those are super cute!