Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Being Beaten By The Simplest Pattern!

I love love love Robeez shoes for babies. I only had one pair when my girls were babies. But, they were worn more than any other shoe. At that time I didn't even think of making some. Now however.... I know I want at least two pairs in each size until our son is walking. Then he will have one pair for indoor use and regular tennis shoes for outside. But, at $20.00 + per pair I needed to rethink that plan.
There are a few patterns free online here and here for making similar style shoes. There are many more so just do a search until you find one that you like. I started with the first one linked. A lot of people seem to love this pattern. I made a pair for a friend having a baby 2 or so years ago. They turned out so bad that I never sent them to him. Now that we are having a son, I needed to try again. Now, I'm trying a free pattern called Sew Darling Mini Mocs Pattern. It has all the sizes and good a good photo tutorial.
I sat down yesterday with some sweatshirt fleece and made the 0-6m size. Needless to say, I ended up tossing the finished set aside on my desk and walked away to do laundry. I just can't seem to make this simple pattern work! I think I made the slit on the toe/tongue part to high up on the inside and for some reason one of the shoes back parts was soooo much longer than the other and it's bunched up in the back. The photos of these shoes are very very kind. Though I do have to admit that looking at them with fresh eyes I do see potential. I'm going to try again with some flannel and cotton. I would love to get good enough so I can make some out of soft leather. There are so many darling shoes out there on Etsy. I might just break down and get some. My favorites right now are these, these, these, and these.

P.S. The baby feets in the photo is my reborn doll. Such a great model. But his/her feet are a bit to short compared to an actual baby. I think my blue faux Robeez look really big for a 0-6m.

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